Advances in Applied Computational Mechanics (AACM)

Volume 9 Number 1 (2018)





Super Resolution Of Mammograms For Breast Cancer Detection
Feifeng Zheng

Novel Enhancement Of Security And Performance Of Software Define Network (SDN)
Zejian Yuan

VLSI Implementation of Optimized Carry Select Adder
Xin Wang and Jiuwen Cao

Enhanced Security System Using an Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Detection
Haiquan Zhao

Extraction of Frequent Sequential Patterns From Web Usage Data and Their Applications In Pre-Fetching Rules Generation For Effective Web Latency Reduction
Badong Chen and Yueqin Zhu

Architecture Of Software Development Kit For Surgery Training Suites
Yueqin Zhu and Yongjie Tan

An Overview of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Applications
A Yongjie Tan

Load Balancing with Reliable Link in MANET Using Predictive Back-off Mechanism
Xiong Luo






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