Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 11  (2017)





Automatic Countenance Recognition Using DCT-PCA Technique of Facial Patches with High Detection Rate

pp. 3141-3150

Maloth Sudheer Sagar and Y. Shekar


Designing of LTE Communication by using Adaptive Modulation Methods

pp. 3151-3160

Munigala Ganesh and Sridevi Reddy


Electro Visits in Primary Care, Schedulling Policies, Modelling and its Analysis

pp. 3161-3170

Diguva Sravani and Mrs. B. Saritha


The Green Home Based Surveillance System is Based On The Internet

pp. 3171-3178

B.Swetha and G.Renuka


Sizing of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources and Battery Systems in Residential Micro grids Using Real Time Operating Systems

pp. 3179-3186

M.Lavanya and B.Saritha


Sonar Based Accurate Positioning System Under Water With Floating Surface GPS Nodes

pp. 3189-3196

A.Mounika and Mr.K.Rajkumar


Wireless Mems-Based Accelerometer Sensor System for Structure Vibration and Post Defamation Monitoring

pp. 3197-3204

D .Supriya and G. Maheshkumar


Speech/Music Classification using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Linear Discriminate Analysis

pp. 3205-3209

R. Thiruvengatanadhan


Content Based Indian Language Document Image Recovery Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 3211-3217

Enhanced Network Security Algorithm with Advanced Key Generation for RSA and Hashing
pp. 3219-3226

A Study on Congestion Control Algorithms in Congested Sensor Networks
pp. 3227-3231
V. Umesh








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