Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 2  (2017)





A Relative Study of Heterogeneous Wireless Protocols
pp. 159-164
Menal Dahiya

Compressed Sensing and Applications by using Dictionaries in Image Processing
pp. 165-170
Kinjal Solanki, Hemant Goklani and Sandeep Malhotra

Dual objective Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm (DoDySA) for Heterogeneous Environments
pp. 171-183
D.I.George Amalarathinam and A.Maria Josphin

A Novel Sybil Attack Detection Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 185-202
Rupinder Singh, Jatinder Singh and Ravinder Singh

Aspects of Enhancing Security in Software Development Life Cycle
pp. 203-210
Anuradha Sharma and Praveen Kumar Misra

Role of Metadata in Knowledge Management of Multinational Organizations
pp. 211-219
Meenakshi Dalal, Shivali Yadav and K P Yadav

A study on Topic Identification using K means clustering algorithm: Big vs. Small Documents
pp. 221-233
Pema Gurung and Rupali Wagh


Intrusion Detection System for NSL-KDD Data Set using Vectorised Fitness Function in Genetic Algorithm
pp. 235-246
Partha Sarathi Bhattacharjee, Abul Kashim Md Fujail and Shahin Ara Begum

Comparison and Analysis of Anonymization Techniques for Preserving Privacy in Big Data
pp. 247-253
Johny Antony P and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

Effect of Network Interconnects in Parallel Computing Systems on Parallelized Bioinformatics Applications
pp. 255-265
Dhruv Chander Pant and OP Gupta

A Knowledge based Methodology for Word Sense Disambiguation for Low Resource Language
pp. 267-283
Alok Ranjan Pal, Diganta Saha and Antara Pal

Encryption Techniques for H.264/AVC Video Coding Based on Intra-Prediction Modes: Insights from Literature
pp. 285-293
Fatma K Tabash and M. Izharuddin

An Efficient Architecture for Handling IoT in Trusted Environment
pp. 295-307
E. Padma and S. Rajalakshmi

Processing in Mobile Cloud with Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Data Storage
pp. 309-330
Syed Sajid Hussain







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