Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 4  (2017)





A Hop Based Distance Estimation Approach for Localization of Nodes in Tree Structured Wireless Adhoc Sensor Networks
pp. 481-500
Arun Saxena and Manuj Darbari

Optimization of Spectral Efficiency in Massive-MIMO TDD Systems with Linear Precoding
pp. 501-517
Ali M A and E. A. Jasmin

Convergence of C2 Deficient Quartic Spline Interpolation
pp. 519-527
Sarita Dubey & Y.P. Dubey

Adoption and Use of Cloud by Small and Medium Businesses (SMBS)
pp. 529-536
Shagun Arora and Rydhm Beri

Ship ISAR Image Classification with Probabilistic Neural Network
pp. 537-548
B. Mamatha and V.Valli Kumari

Improved Methods of Image Denoising Using Non-Sub Sampled Contourlet Transform
pp. 549-560
Malini. S, Divya. V and Moni. R. S

A Hybrid Aggregation Scheme for ZKP and Elliptical Curve Diffie Hellman in MANETs
pp. 561-574
A.Christopher Paul and S. Karthik

Trust and Group Leader based Model to Avoid Broadcast Storm Problem in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
pp. 575-597
Debasish Roy and Prodipto Das

Hybrid Multi Output Converter for Microgrid Applications
pp. 599-611
Syed Bilal Qaiser Naqvi, Digvijay Singh and Adil Sarwar

Confidential Data Transmission Using Encryption Algorithm
pp. 613-621
Kartik Sau, Soumi Mondal and Anay Ghosh

Study of Metropolitan Transportation in Major Cities in India
pp. 623-631
Awari Mahesh Babu

Energy Harmonizing in Wireless Sensor Network with Efficient and Simplified Mobile Sink Wave through Energetic Multicast Communication
pp. 633-637
S.Jayapraba and T.Lalitha

Improved Round Robin Scheduling in Cloud Computing
pp. 639-644
Priyanka Sangwan, Manmohan Sharma and Anil Kumar

A Comparative Study of 3D Endoscopic Tele-operation Techniques
pp. 645-656
Adheed Palliyali and P.Beaulah Soundarabai





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