Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 5  (2017)





Evolving Competitive Electricity Markets: Enablement through Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Solutions
pp. 657-669
Jayaprakash Ponraj and A. Chandra Mohan

Incorporating Trust in Public Key Infrastructure Certificates
pp. 671-686
Rahoof P P, Latha R Nair and Thafasal Ijyas V P

Rekey Distribution for Multicast Key Environment
pp. 687-697
Alok Kumar Yadav and Sarita Soni

Digital Intercommunication System in Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)
pp. 699-708
Dankan Gowda, Mahaveer Penna, Satyasrikanth Palle, Sai Priya KA and Chaithra KN,

Optimal sizing and sitting of distributed generation using Particle Swarm Optimization Guided Genetic Algorithm
pp. 709-720
V. Jagan Mohan and T. Arul Dass Albert

Crop Diseases Recognition Using Hybrid Features and Linear Vector Quantization
pp. 721-732
Toran Verma

A Brief Research Study of Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 733-739
Preetkamal Singh, OP Gupta and Sita Saini

Internet Saathi in India: How Far We Moved to Drive
pp. 741-746
Reena Hooda and Deepak Dhaka

Cloud Computing Models : A Survey
pp. 747-761
Chinthagunta Mukundha and K. Vidyamadhuri

A Review paper on Network Security and Cryptography
pp. 763-770
Sandeep Tayal, Nipin Gupta, Pankaj Gupta, Deepak Goyal and Monika Goyal

A Review: Recognition of Automatic License Plate in Image Processing
pp. 771-779
Nipin Gupta, Sandeep Tayal, Pankaj Gupta, Deepak Goyal and Monika Goyal

Slight Adjustment of Dijkstra's Algorithm to Solve Shortest Path Problem in an Interval Graph
pp. 781-787
Siddhartha Sankar Biswas

GPR Objects Hyperbola Region Feature Extraction
pp. 789-804
K. Rajiv, G. Ramesh Chandra and B. Basaveswara Rao


Site Selection of Water Conservation Measures by Using RS and GIS: A Review
pp. 805-813
Sagar Kolekar, Simran Chauhan, Hitesh Raavi, Divya Gupta, Vivek Chauhan

Realization of BCD and Binary Inter Conversions and Coil Control Operations for Ladder Diagram based Programmable Controller
pp. 815-824
Shobha S, K.R. Rekha and K.R. Nataraj

A New Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption Scheme for Cloud Data Security
pp. 825-837
D.Chandravathi and Dr. P.V.Lakshmi

Underwater Image Classification
pp. 839-845
Sonali Sachin Sankpal and Shraddha Sunil Deshpande

A Reassessment on Security Tactics of Data Warehouse and Comparison of Compression Algorithms
pp. 847-854
KM Divya and Jitendra Kurmi

Overview (Advantages and Routing Protocols) of MANET
pp. 855-861
Siva Krishna Sakalabattula and S Suresh Kumar

Self Organizing Map Neural Network and Fuzzy based Method to Identify Profit Making Stocks in Stock Market
pp. 863-873
Asif Ullah Khan, Bhupesh Gour and Krishna Kumar Dwivedi

A Survey on the Concepts and Challenges of Big Data: Beyond the Hype
pp. 875-884
R.Saravanakumar and C.Nandini

Identifying Lump Size in Brain MRI using Hierarchal Mean Shift Algorithm
pp. 885-894
Sanjeeva Polepaka, Ch. Srinivasa Rao and M. Chandra Mohan

An Efficient Secured Scheme for Detecting Source of Packet Drop and Forgery Attack in WSN
pp. 895-902
Nirupama. Sheelwant and Sandeep.SD


Writer Identification From Offline Isolated Handwritten Gurumukhi Characters
pp. 903-914
Kanu Kalra and Simple Rani

Circular Path Removing Dynamic Routing Algorithm(CPRDRA) of a Smart City Project
pp. 915-921
Arindam Pal

Computational Model for Document Density Based Classification
pp. 923-932
Swatantra Kumar Sahu, Bharat Mishra and R. S. Thakur

Study to analyze the variable that affect the CRM implementation in the Hospitals
pp. 933-944
Priyanka Gandhi and Neelam Tandon

Veiled Endpoints: A Novel Dimension for Aggregation
pp. 945-963
Shailender Kumar, Nitish Sharma and Rupender Duggal

An Improved Technique for Automatic Haziness Removal for Enhancement of Intelligent Transportation System
pp. 965-976
Geetanjali and Seema Baghla

Addendum of Playfair Cipher in Hindi
pp. 977-983
Saman, Md.Tabrez Nafis, Mohammad Sadiq Nisar Siddiqui and Siddhartha Sankar Biswas

Stitch-less Double Patterning Technology for Reduced Wire Length Three-layer Routing Solution
pp. 985-990
Swagata Saha Sau and Rajat Kumar Pal

Bucketize: Protecting Privacy on Multiple Numerical Sensitive Attribute
pp. 991-1008
Dharavathu Radha and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi

Survey of Segmentation Based Approaches for Image Forgery Detection
pp. 1009-1015
Ajay Sahay and Sarita Soni

Weight Pattern based Adaptive Constant Modulus Optimization Technique: A Novel Approach to PAPR Reduction For Wireless VOIP
pp. 1017-1024
Sarvjit Singh

Comparative Analysis of Local Binary Patterns using Feature Extraction and Classification
pp. 1025-1036
Mandeep Kaur and Er. Harpreet Kaur

An Approach for Data Aggregation Strategy in Wireless Sensor Network using MAC Authentication
pp. 1037-1047
Jitendra Kurmi, Ram Singar Verma and Sarita Soni

Role of Link Expiration Time to Enhance DSR Routing Protocol in MANETs
pp. 1049-1056
Shweta Singh and Gopal Singh

An Efficient Classification of MRI Brain Images and 3D Reconstruction Using Depth Map Estimation
pp. 1057-1080
M.Fathima Zahira and M.Mohamed Sathik

Generation of Key Matrix for Hill Cipher using Magic Rectangle
pp. 1081-1090
K. Mani and M. Viswambari

A Survey of Fuel Cell Types and Its Applications
pp. 1091-1101
Vinu.R, Varghese Paul and K.Subash

Abridged Shape Matrix Representation for the Recognition of Aircraft Targets from 2D ISAR Imagery
pp. 1103-1122
Hari Kishan Kondaveeti and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi

Human Face Detection and Tracking using Skin Color Combined with Optical Flow Based Segmentation
pp. 1123-1127
Manpreet Kaur, and Seema Baghla

An Efficient and Reliable Methodology for Wormhole Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1129-1138
Jitendra Kurmi, Ram Singar Verma and Sarita Soni

Low-Cost Bus Tracking System overhauled en route Area-Trace to Atomic Hypothesis Algorithm LCBTS using AHA
pp. 1139-1151
Darshan Ingle and A. B. Bagwan

Cyber Crimes in Kerala: A study
pp. 1153-1159
Teen Jose, S. Sasidhar Babu, Y. Vijayalakshmi and P. Manimegalai

A Review on Deployment schemes in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1161-1172
Jaspreet Kaur and Amit Kumar Bindal

Face Detection and Recognition using Viola-Jones algorithm and Fusion of PCA and ANN
pp. 1173-1189
Narayan T. Deshpande and S. Ravishankar

A Study of Energy Saving Techniques in Green Cloud Computing
pp. 1191-1197
Balwinder Kaur, Navjot Kaur and Rachhpal Singh

Encrypting Data of MongoDB at Application Level
pp. 1199-1205
Charmi Pariawala and Ravi Sheth

Abdroid Application Security
pp. 1207-1210
Rajivkumar Mente and Asha Bagadi

Data base Search on Web Facial Images using Unsupervised Label Refinement
pp. 1211-1219
Pankaj Agarkar and S.D. Joshi


Building A Scalable Database Driven Reverse Medical Dictionary Using NLP Techniques
pp. 1221-1231
Pragya Tripathi and Manjusha Deshmukh

QR Code Watermarking Algorithm Based on DWT and Counterlet Transform for Authentication
pp. 1233-1244
Munde Saraswati, Munde Maroti R, Munde Sainath, Shivpuje Prakash R and Dr. H.S. Fadewar

Cloud Security and Energy Efficiency
pp. 1245-1255
Minakshi Kamboj and Sanjeev Rana

A Review on Comparative Performance Analysis of Different Digital Multipliers
pp. 1257-1272
Vikas Kaushik and Himanshi Saini


Semilocal Convergence Analysis of a Fourth-order Method in Banach Spaces and its Dynamics
pp. 12731285
Gagandeep and Rajni Sharma

IoT Evidence Acquisition Issues and Challenges
pp. 1285-1293
Parag H. Rughani

Implementation and evaluation of EAODT (Enhanced Algoritham of Decision Tree) on large date set
pp. 1295-1304
Rajdeep Kaur and Harpreet Kaur


Fractal Analysis of MRI Data for the Improved Characterization of Brain Tumors
pp. 1305-1315
Benson C. C, Partha Sanker, Lajish V. L. and Kumar Rajamani

Study on Retinal Vessel Segmentation Techniques based on Fundus Images
pp. 1317-1325
Manpreet Kaur and Jagbir Singh Gill

A Review on Haze Removal Algorithms to Reduce the Effect of Haze on Remotely Sensed Images
pp. 1327-1335
Tanu Mahajan and Jagbir Singh Gill

Literature Review and Challenges of Data Mining Techniques for Social Network Analysis
pp. 1337-1354
Anu Sharma, M.K Sharma and R.K Dwivedi

Context Aware and Adaptive Mobile Learning: A Survey
pp. 1355-1370
R.Madhubala and A.Akila

Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Vanets
pp. 1371-1390
Namita Laroiya and Sushil Lekhi

A blind watermarking algorithm based on DWT-DCT using gold sequence generator
pp. 1391-1404
Chaitanya Konda, Gangadhara Rao Kancherla and Sreenivasa Reddy Edara

A Review of classification in Web Usage Mining using K- Nearest Neighbour
pp. 1405-1416
Manisha Kumari

Review of Security in AD-HOC Networks Using FTP
pp. 1417-1426
Reena and Preeti Gulia

Satellite High Resolution Image Classification Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 1427-1437
Ruby bharti and Jitentra Kurmi

Analysis of a Noisy Image by using External and Internal Correlations
pp. 1439-1447
Pratima and Jitendra Kurmi

Different Android Vulnerabilities
pp. 1449-1455
Chandresh Parekh and Prateek Bhiwani

Business Process Management system using SOA
pp. 1457-1462
V.Kavitha, V. Dhayalan and P. Shanmugapriya

Survey on Brain Computer Interface
pp. 1463-1470
Prajakta Sunil Rathod

Quantum Computers: A Review Work
pp. 1471-1478
Siddhartha Sankar Biswas

Emerging Technological Innovations in Library Knowledge Management and Services
pp. 1479-1486
S. Barathi, G.Loganathan and V.R. Rajan

An Approach to Sentiment Analysis on Gujarati Tweets
pp. 1487-1493
Vrunda C. Joshi and Vipul M. Vekariya

Study on E-Commerce and its Impacts on Market and Retailers in India
pp. 1495-1500
Menal Dahiya


Indian Monsoon Rainfall Projections for Future Using GCM Model Outputs Under Climate Change
pp. 1501-1516
K.Shashikanth and P.Sukumar

Efficient Index Based Query Keyword Search in the Spatial Database
pp. 1517-1529
S. Aquter Babu

Ensemble Technique for Efficient Stream Data Processing
pp. 1531-1542
S. Aquter Babu







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