Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 6  (2017)





Modified Round Robin Algorithm by Using Priority Scheduling
pp. 1543-1549
Ankush Joshi and Shubhashish Goswami

Real Time Object Tracking Using Kalman Filter
pp. 1551-1556
Shubham Mhaske; Nagesh Ambre

A New Algorithm Based SLM to Find Critical Eigenvalue in the Rayleigh-Bénard-Brinkman Convection Problem with Boundary Conditions
pp. 1557-1570
Ashoka S. B

A Modified Compression Algorithm for Nucleotide Data Based on Differential Direct Coding and Variable Length Look up Table (LUT)
pp. 1571-1576
Govind Prasad Arya, R.K. Bharti, Devendra Prasad and Vishal Garg

Content Based Medical Image Retrieval and Clustering Based Segmentation to Diagnose Lung Cancer
pp. 1577-1594
Neha Malviya, Naveen Choudhary and Kalpana Jain

Date Field Extraction from Gurmukhi Handwritten Documents
pp. 1595-1606
Gursimranjeet Kaur and Simpel Rani

Non-Dominated Bi-Objective Genetic Mining Algorithm
pp. 1607-1614
Sonia, Aarti Purwaha and Aashu Rani

Evaluation of the Service Quality for Hotel Industry - A Case Study
pp. 1615-1619
Kanchana and Aditi Sharma

Enhancement in the Performance of Service Broker Algorithm Using Fuzzy Rules
pp. 1621-1634
Tejınder sharma, Ruhani Jain and Narinder Sharma

Study and Analysis of Object-Oriented Languages using Hybrid Clone Detection Technique
pp. 1635-1649
Gurvinder Singh and Jahid Ali

Acceleration Components Measurements in Vertical Traversing Elevators using MEMs and Wireless Signals
pp. 1651-1661
K.Ravi Shankar, K.Rohit, G.V.Pratheek, M.Mahadev and A.S.R.Murty

Simulation of Incompressible Cylindrical Duct Flow with Electrically Conducting Fluid Using Finite Difference Method
pp. 1663-1674
K. B. Patel

A Mechanism For Extraction Of Standing Human Body From Photo Using Multilevel Segmentation
pp. 1675-1681
Munde Sainath S. H.S. Fadewar, Shivpuje Prakash R, Munde Saraswati and Munde Maroti

Web Personalization through Semantic Annotation System
pp. 1683-1690
Sunny Sharma and Vijay Rana

A Hybride Product Recommendation Model Using Hadoop Server for Amazon Dataset
pp. 1691-1705
Jitendra Soni and Imran Uddin

Task Scheduling in Grid Computing: A Review
pp. 1707-1714
Manjot Kaur Bhatia

TCP Congestion Control and Its Variants
pp. 1715-1723
Harjinder Kaur and Gurpreet Singh

A Study on Services Provided by Various Service Providers of Cloud Computing
pp. 1725-1729
Vishal R. Pancholi and Bhadresh P. Patel

Comparative Study of J48, Naive Bayes and One-R Classification Technique for Credit Card Fraud Detection using WEKA
pp. 1731-1743
Farhad Alam and Sanjay Pachauri

Remote Sensing Enabled Urban Growth Analysis for Gurgaon from 1995 To 2015
pp. 1745-1757
R. K. Jain, Kamal Jain and S. Rehan Ali

Securing WDM Systems
pp. 1759-1771
Anita Antwiwaa, Anil Kumar and Jaiswal A. K

An Algorithmic Approach to Cloud Computing using Graph Theoretical Modelling
pp. 1773–1784
D. Pandiaraja, R.P. Aditya and S. Abirami

A Concise form of Continuity in Fine Topological Space
pp. 1785–1805
P.L. Powar and Pratibha Dubey

An Efficient Localisation of Cellular Change Using Tuned Gabor Filter in Prostatic Cases
pp. 1807-1818
Prajith Prakash Nair and T.R.Gopalakrishnan Nair

Hidden Node Problem in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
pp. 1819-1824
Satbir Singh and Rydhm Beri

Occlusion Extraction of Multiple Partially Objects from Video Sequences
pp. 1825-1828
P.sathya and V. Baby Deepa

Essentials of NoSQL Database in building applications based on Internet of Things (IoT)
pp. 1829-1837
Jhanavi Shah, Chandni Jani, Smita Agrawal, Parita Oza and Atul Patel

An Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Lead Time price Dependent Demand and Shortages
pp. 1839-1847
M. Maragatham and R. Palani

Quality Improvement Of Image Processing Using Fuzzy Logic System
pp. 1849-1855

Boiler Automation using PLC and SCADA
pp. 1857-1860
Akshay Talware and Dipak Chaudhari

Economical Home Automation System using Arduino UNO
pp. 1861-1866
Naresh Kumar and Praveer Singh

Stability Analysis of Turning Using a Non-Linear Force-Feed Model
pp. 1867-1884
B. Tulasiramarao

Trust Based Profile Matching On Secure Social Network
pp. 1885-1892
D.Dhayalan, B.Balaji, A.Francina and S.Abitha-Bi

Duplicate Record Detection and Replacement within a Relational Database
pp. 1893-1901
S. Aquter Babu

Rate and Power Control Based Energy Saving Transmissions in OFDMA Based Multicarrier Base Stations
pp. 1903-1914
Munde Saraswati, H.S. Fadewar, Shivpuje Prakash R, Munde Sainath and Munde Maroti

Image Contrast Enhancement in Wavelet Domain
pp. 1915-1922
G. Padma Priya and T. Venkateswarlu

Water Detection using Satellite Images Obtained through Remote Sensing
pp. 1923-1940
Himanshu Rana and Nirvair Neeru

Comparative Study of Clock Synchronization Algorithms in Distributed Systems
pp. 1941-1952
Neha N. Dalwadi and and Mamta C. Padole

Enhanced Web Personalization for Improved Browsing Experince
pp. 1953-1968
R. B. Wagh and J. B. Patil


Enhanced Web Personalization for Improved Browsing Experience

pp. 1953-1968

R. B. Wagh and J. B. Patil







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