Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 8  (2017)





Estimating Reflectivity of DWR Images by Analysing Different Colour Spaces through Distance Measures
pp. 2191-2200
Puli Anil Kumar and B. Anuradha

Genetic Algorithm: An Efficient Tool for Global Optimization
pp. 2201-2211
Sushruta Mishra, Soumya Sahoo and Mamata Das

Disease Symptoms Identification In Paddy Leaf Using Image Processing
pp. 2213-2223
R.P. Narmadha and G.Arulvadivu

Spam Detection on Social Network through Sentiment Analysis
pp. 2225-2231
Sunita Mahajan and Vijay Rana

Analysis of Continuum Removed Hyper Spectral Reflectance Data of Capsicum Annum of Ground Truth Data
pp. 2233-2241
P.Sowmya and M.V.S.S. Giridhar

Node Deployment Strategies and Coverage Prediction in 3D Wireless Sensor Network with Scheduling
pp. 2243-2255
Anvesha Katti and D.K.Lobiyal

DDos Defense: Enhanced Flooding Detection and ConfidenceBased Filtering Method
pp. 2257-2272
V. Naga Lakshmi and Shameena Begum

Smart Kart
pp. 2273-2288
Rishav Shaw, Akhil Ranjan, Arjun Radhakrishnan and R.SenthilKumar

An Efficient Web Personalization Approach based on Periodic Accessibility and Web Usage Mining
pp. 2289-2308
pp. 2289-2308, D. Suresh Babu and K. Anuradha

A Brief Preview of Efficient Hadoop Job Schedulers
pp. 2309-2316
Mukesh Singla

A survey on Static and Dynamic Hadoop Schedulers
pp. 2317-2325
Mukesh Singla

Application of Technology with Special Reference to Pondicherry University Library
pp. 2327-2336
S. Barathi, D. Sindhujha and V.R. Rajan

A Fusion Based Authentication Technique
pp. 2337-2342
Deepti Chilbule

Heart Rate Measurement Using Facial Videos
pp. 2343-2357
Garima Uppal, Neelam Rup Prakash and Parveen Kalra

A Survey on Plagiarism Detection
pp. 2359-2365
Bhardwaj Akanksha, Arya Anukruti, Vyas Tarjni, Shivani Desai and Anuja Nair

Intelligent Recommendation System using Semantic information for Web Information Retrieval
pp. 2367-2380
Anupama Prasanth

Fault Tolerant Frequent patterns mining in large datasets having certain and uncertain records
pp. 2381-2394
S M Arif Ashraf and Md. Tabrez Nafis

Designing of Optimized Combinational Circuits Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
pp. 2395-2410
Ila Chaudhary, Garima Grover and Prerna Kakkar

Evenness and Test Coverage Requirements
pp. 2411-2426
Meenu Dave and Rashmi Agrawal

Review on Security of Radio Frequency Identification Technology
pp. 2427-2433
Aastha and Preeti Gulia

A Review on Blockchain Application for Decentralized Decision of Ownership of IoT Devices
pp. 2449-2456
Poonam Ghuli, Urvashi Priyam Kumar and Rajashree Shettar

SAODV: Statistical Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol for Preventing Mobile Adhoc Network against Flooding Attack
pp. 2457-2470
Opinder Singh, Jatinder Singh and Ravinder Singh

Voice Mail Email Synchronization Load Balancing A Multithreaded Polling Mechanism
pp. 2471-2477
Aniket Masule, Prasad Kumbala, Aditya Uppuluri and Karthikeyan B

Multidimensional-RPCA Algorithm for Enhancing the Classification Accuracy
pp. 2479-2490
K.Mani and N. Elavarasan

Analysis And Identification Of Emotion Specific Features For Speaker Independent Emotion Recognition System Using Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs)
pp. 2491-2505
J. Naga Padmaja and R. RajeswarRao

Call recording solution using SIP
pp. 2507-2517
Shrikant Subhash Warghade, Karthikeyan B, Suraj Rodrigues and Nagaraj Hebbar

Trust Based Cloud Framework for Service Provider Selection
pp. 2519-2525
Neeraj Mangla, Sanjeev Rana and Manpreet Singh

Emotion Recognition by analysing statistical features of cropped eyebrow portion as a Region of Interest of facial expression image
pp. 2527-2532
Ashok R. Shinde, Shriram D. Raut and Prashant P.Agnihotri

Churn Prediction in Customer Relationship Management via GMDH-Based Multiple Classifiers Ensemble
pp. 2533-2539
P.Subashini, Aditya Apte, Ajeeth Rajesh, A.Praveen and Shivam Rai

A Secured and Enhanced Energy Efficient Solution for Cloud Computing Environment
pp. 2541-2553
Anupama Gupta, Vivek Aggarwal and Ramandeep Singh Dhillon

Energy Efficiency and Security Requirements of Wireless Medical Sensor Network
pp. 2555-2563
T. Lalitha, U. Sridevi and K. Kamaraj

Color Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Kalman Filter with a Fractional Feedback Loop
pp. 2565-2585
Prasanna Kumar Reddy Katuru, Vivek Josyula, Praveen Samudrala, M. Lokanath and P. Ashish

Study and Analysis of Various Bioinformatics Applications using Protein BLAST: An Overview
pp. 2587-2601
Sita Rani and OP Gupta

Key Exchange Protocol Based on Quaternions
pp. 26032613
Shruti Nathani and B.P. Tripathi

Evaluate robustness of PCA feature vector to noise in a touchless Palm Print Biometric Identification System
pp. 2615-2630
Medha Misar and Damayanti Gharpure

Safety of People through Smart Things
pp. 2631-2641
Revathi Lavanya Baggam

Slip Flow of Radiative Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluid Past a Stretching Sheet with Convective Boundary Condition
G. Radha, N. Bhaskar Reddy and K. Gangadhar

MPSKM Algorithm to Rank and Outline detection on Time Series Data
pp. 2663-2674
S. Gokila, K. Ananda Kumar and A. Bharathi

Design and Analysis of OFDMA and SC-FDMA for LTE Uplink Enhancement
pp. 2675-2684
Sudhanshu Tripathi and Rajeev Paulus

Computational complexity for minimizing wire length in two- and multi-layer channel routing
pp. 2685-2692
Swagata Saha Sau, Sumana Bandyopadhyay and Rajat Kumar Pal

Distracted Driving: A Novel Approach towards Accident Prevention
pp. 2693-2705
Arnab Ghosh, Tania Chatterjee, Sunny Samanta, Jayanta Aich and Sandip Roy

Survey of Exact String Matching Algorithm for Detecting Patterns in Protein Sequence
pp. 2707-2720
Jiji. N and T Mahalakshmi

Modelling of Granule Diameter in UASB Reactor: a Mathematical Approach

pp. 2721-2728
Vidya Singh, S. S. Narvi and N. D. Pandey






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