Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 10, Number 9  (2017)





Review on Social Media Security Based on one-Time Password and Biometric System
pp. 2729-2736
Karmel A and Gulshan.A.N

A Novel Algorithm for Enhancing the Data Storage Security in Cloud through Steganography
pp. 2737-2744
D.Suneetha and R. Kiran Kumar

Study on the Behaviour of Plate Girder with Plane Web and Corrugated Web
pp. 2745-2764
R.Rajkumar, R.Aravindh, B.Gokula Krishanan and B.Mukul Anand

An Observer Design Pattern to Implement Reuse of Secure Channel in Client Driver Using OPCUA
pp. 2765-2772
Meghana.K.K and Lincy Meera Mathews

Content-based Image Retrieval Systems: A Survey
pp. 2773-2788
Rucha S. Patil and Avinash J. Agrawal

Multilingual Sentimental Analysis on Twitter Dataset: A Review
pp. 2789-2799
Natasha Suri and Toran Verma

Applications of Distance - 2 Dominating Sets of Graph in Networks
pp. 2801-2810
K.Ameenal Bibi, A.Lakshmi and R.Jothilakshmi

Mosquito Awareness and Future of GIS in its Surveillance
pp. 2811-2821
Akhlaq Ahmad Qadri, Anuradha Sharma and Sana Jafar

Healthcare Products Management and System Analy-sis in Cloud Computing Environment (Salesforce)
pp. 2823-2834
Rushikesh Shingade, K Marimuthu, Nagaraja Rao A and R Niranchana



pp. 2835-2840

Dasari Anantha Reddy and Mohd. Jabeed Rihaz


Detection of Human Fear using Physical Parameters-An Analytical Approach

pp. 2841-2849

Swagata Sarkar and H Ranganathan


A Novel Restoration Technique for the Elimination of Salt and Pepper Noise using 8-Neighbors based Median Filter

pp. 2851-2874

S. Samsad Beagum and Dr. S. Sheeja


A Survey on Lung Segmentation Methods

pp. 2875-2885

M. Jannathl Firdouse and M. Balasubramanian


User query based web content collaboration

pp. 2887-2895

Neetu Narwal


Analysis and comparison of various routing methods for Mobile adhoc Networks (MANETs)

pp. 2897-2909

Prashant Dixit, Anuradha Pillai and Rahul Rishi







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