Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 11, Number 1  (2018)






Automatic Optic Disc Localization in Color Retinal Fundus Images

pp. 1-13

Thresiamma Devasia, Poulose Jacob and Tessamma Thomas


Implementation of FPGA based Decision Making Engine and Genetic Algorithm (GA) for Control of Wireless Parameters

pp. 15-21

Gollipelly Divya and Madhuri Gummineni


Another Approach for Mechanical Electrical Parameters Controlling and Checking Utilizing IoT Innovation

pp. 23-33

J.Mounika and J.Tarun Kumar


IOT based Monitoring and Control System for Appliances

pp. 35-42

Sangeetha Sadu and Rajeshwar Rao Arabelli


Application of Rectangular Feature for Detection of Parts of Human Body

pp. 43-55

S.Gomathi and T.Santhanam


Segmentation of the Ventricle from CT Scan Brain Image: Active Contour Model

pp. 57-68

Kartik Sau and Pallavi Saha


Adoption Models for Agile Software Development Projects

pp. 69-76

Raju D. Dhole and K.M. Sharath Kumar


Body Area Network in Health care System with Future Analysis

pp. 77-83

G.Sathya and D.J. Evanjaline







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