Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 11, Number 12  (2018)






A Novel Approach To Tornado Codes For Archival Storage System
Jie Chen and Aijun Ge

A short review on fast searching algorithms
Chuangui Ma

A Multi-Metric QoS based Gateway Discovery for Multi-hop Wireless Network
Chuangui Ma and Rafal Kozik

Chaos based Encryption Mechanism for Wireless Local Area Network Authentication
Michal Choras

A New Approach for Path Selection Using Energy in Multipath Routing for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Guomin Zhou

Advanced MRI Image Segmentation using Fuzzy-C Means Clustering approach
Peng Zeng


Internet of Things Based Smart Home Control

pp. 1059-1063

Amita Yadav


Design of a Broker Policy for Resource Management in Cloud Data Centers
pp. 1065-1072

Mail Server, Cloud Server, Cloud Zoro Application, using P2P File Sharing
pp. 1073-1078









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