Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 11, Number 6  (2018)






The Optimal Thresholding Technique for Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Otsu Method
Shuang Ren and Feng Liu

Review on Securing Routing Protocols Using Enhanced Security Mechanism
Feng Liu, Yujia Liu and Weiming Zhang

Mobile Agent Based Key Distribution Approach for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks

Nenghai Yu and Vishal Sharma

Adaptive Logarithm Quantization-Based Tone Mapping for High-Dynamic Range Images

Kyungroul Lee

Dynamic Utilization of the Internet taking conventions in PickPacket for Correctness and Approximation & Execution Estimation
Soonhyun Kwon

Cross-Layer Qos-Aware Routing Protocol For Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Jiyoon Kim

Fault Tolerant Ant Colony Optimization Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks







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