Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 11, Number 9  (2018)






Efficiently Maintaining and Discovering Sequential Patterns with Sequence Deletion using Discovered Sequences.
Yan Zhang

The Complex Key Cryptosystem
Jian Cui

Challenges and opportunities in next generation personal small cell networks
Hanjun Ma

Relevant Subspace Clustering using Fuzzy Attribute Weighting Approach
Jingdong Bian

Dynamic Quantum Shift Algorithm for Load Balancing in High Performance Clusters
Jianwei Lium, Jianhong Zhang and Jianhong Zhang

Shared Neighbor Clustering Approach based on Affinity Propagation
Guoyin Zhang and Liang Kou

Hybrid Fractal Image Compression Based on Graph Theory and Equilateral Triangle Segmentation
Liguo Zhang and Chao Liu







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