Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 12, Number 2 (2019)






Impact of Grid Sensor Attacks on Multi-Player Attack Detection Model

pp. 87-98

Yuvaraj S Patil and Swati V Sankpal


Some Log-Type Classes of Estimators Using Auxiliary Attribute

pp. 99-108

Shashi Bhushan and Raksoni Gupta


Clean Slate: A Secire Virtual File System with Device Authentication for Mobile Devices
Ryan K.L.K, Guangming Ren and Xiaoping Xu

An Approach in Using Authorizing Tools in Content Management Systems
Khairan D. Rajab

Code Certificate A Verification Technique for Secure Data Transmission
Jingyu Hua and An Tang

Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network on Precision Agriculture
Qingyun Pan and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

A Study of Emotive Brain Mapping using EEG
Hong Ding

Intelligent Surveillance System Using Internet of Things
Hong Ding and Yizhi Ren


A Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing

Yizhi Ren and Qingqing Gan








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