Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)

Volume 1, Number 2 





Calendar Effects in Fifty-five Stock Market Indices
pp. 75-98
Authors: Eleftherios Giovanis

Monetary Gift giving Comparison between Chinese & British Culture among University students in UK
pp. 99-112
Author: Shantanu Krishna

Estimation of Return on Investment in Share Market through ANN
pp. 113-122
Author: P. Thirunavukarasu

A Study on Share Market Situation: Fuzzy Approach
pp. 123-134
Author: P. Thirunavukarasu

Critical Service Encounters: Employee’s Viewpoint a Study on Transport Services in Dhaka City
pp. 135-147
Authors: Afsana Akhtar, S.S.M. Sadrul Huda and Segufta Dilshad

Empirical Evidence on Indian Stock Market Efficiency in Context of the Global Financial Crisis
pp. 149-157
Authors: P K Mishra, K B Das and B B Pradhan

Reforming Direct Taxes on Individual Income –Economic Implications and Impact
pp. 159-170
Author: Rajni

Participation in the Group Based Microfinance and its Impact on Rural Households: A Quasi-experimental Evidence from an Indian State
pp. 171-183
Author: Debadutta Kumar Panda




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