Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)

Volume 2, Number 2  2009 






Effect of Region Specific Compression of Medical Images Using Block Based Binary Plane Technique
pp. 69-73
Author: M. Bala Raju, S. Mahaboob Basha, N. Subhash Chandra, A. Govardhan and P.V.S. Srinivas

Comparative Analysis of Triangle Stripification Methods
pp. 75-81
Author: Niyti, Ekta Walia and Maitreyee Dutta

Utilization of SPC and Control Charts to Software Development Processes
pp. 83-100
Author: G. Vijaya, R. Ravichandran, S. Arumugam and M. Punithavalli


Designing Adaptive Reconfigrurable Control (ARC) Based Real-Time Transaction Processing Systems (RTTPS) Through Software Stability Model (SSM)
pp. 101-116
Authors: E.R. Naganathan and X.P. Eugene

A Comprehensive Review of Significant Researches on Duplicate Record Detection in Databases
pp. 117-134
Authors: K. Deepa and R. Rangarajan

Data Share House: An Architecture to Handle Distributed Data Warehouse Management Issues
pp. 135-147
Authors: Jaiteg Singh and Kawaljeet Singh

Migration Methodology in MPSoC Based on Performance Analysis via SDF Graph
pp. 149-166
Authors: Kame Smiri and Abderrazak Jemai

2-level Vector Quantization Method for Codebook Design using Kekre’s Median Codebook Generation Algorithm
pp. 167-178
Authors: H. B. Kekre and Tanuja K. Sarode

A Neural Network Model for Computer Network Security
pp. 179-186
Authors: K.V. Srinivasa Rao, D. Bujji Babu and C. Prakasa Rao

Web Usage Mining: A Review
pp. 187-197
Authors: Ratnesh Kumar Jain, Suresh Jain and R. S. Kasana

Rate Control in Video Coding Standards
pp. 199-213
Authors: V. V. Gohokar and V. N. Gohokar

Some More-Logical Edge Detection Techniques (Derivative Approach)
pp. 215-218
Author: Sujoy Kumar Goswami

Segmentation of MRI Images Using Probability and Entropy as Statistical Parameters for Texture Analysis
pp. 219-230
Authors: H.B. Kekre and Saylee Gharge

A Novel Approach to Improve the Performance of Web Caching Techniques
pp. 231-241
Authors: C. Umapathi and J. Raja

Winer filter based Image Denoising using Wavelet Packet Transform
pp. 243-254
Authors: P.S. Periasamy, K. Duraiswamy and P. Anitha




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