Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)

Volume 3, Number 2  2010 





A New Hybrid Approach to Non-Refractive Transparency in 3-D Graphics
pp. 97-109
Authors: Deepika and Ekta Walia

Massive Centralized Cloud Computing (MCCC) Exploration in Higher Education
pp. 111-118
Authors: S. Sasikala and S. Prema

Optimization of TSP using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 119-125
Authors: Bhupinder Kaur and Urvashi Mittal

Agile-Software Development Methodology
pp. 127-135
Authors: T. K. Amudha

Efficient VLSI Architecture for In-Place Compute Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform
pp. 137-146
Authors: M. Suresh Babu, K. Ashok Babu and G. Kesavan Pillai

CDN DNS - An Efficient DNS Request Routing Technique in Content Delivery Networks
pp. 147-154
Authors: Sandeep Kath, Manoj Kumar and Ajay Sharma

A Low Cost 3D CAD Model Visualization Interface for Manufacturing Industries
pp. 155-164
Authors: R.S. Kamath and R.K. Kamat

An Approach from Knowledge Dust to Gems (Knowledge Management)
pp. 165-174
Authors: Praveen Kumar and Satish Chhokar

A Framework of Cloud Computing in the Real World
pp. 175-190
Authors: N. Sainath, S. Muralikrishna and P.V.S. Srinivas

Detecting Security Threats in the Router using Computational Intelligence
pp. 191-200
Authors: J. Visumathi and K.L. Shunmuganathan

Testing Sedimentary Basins Using Adaptive Resonance Theory 
pp. 201-207
Authors: BDCN Prasad, P E S N Krishna Prasad, Sagar Yeruva and S. Nageswara Rao

Incremental and Serial Garbage Collector in Small Footprints
pp. 209-215
Authors: Shubhnandan S. Jamwal and Devanand

Data Management in Market-oriented Cloud Computing
pp. 217-222
Authors: Liladhar R. Rewatkar and Ujwal A. Lanjewar

Run-Time Reconfigurable Pipelined Modified Baugh-Wooley Multipliers
pp. 223-235
Authors: Aswathy Sudhakar and D. Gokila

Secure Image Watermarking in Frequency Domain using Arnold Scrambling and Filtering
pp. 236-244
Authors: V. Venkata Rama Prasad and Rama Kurupati

Increased Capacity of Information Hiding using Mixed Codebooks of Vector Quantization Algorithms: LBG, KPE and KMCG
pp. 245-256
Authors: H. B. Kekre, Archana Athawale, Tanuja K. Sarode and Kalpana Sagvekar




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