Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)

Volume 3, Number 3  2010 





Low Power Hardware Implementation of Color Image Watermarking for Real Time Application
pp. 259-268
Authors: S. Sreejith, N. Mohankumar and M. Nirmala Devi

Instant Disasters / War Zone Communication Management Through Manet: TBR
pp. 269-276
Authors: K. Venu Gopala Rao and G. Shyama Chandra Prasad


A Comparison between Five Processes Management Models
pp. 277-290
Authors: Nabil Mohammed Ali Munassar and A. Govardhan

Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithm (AMLA) Using J48 Classifier for an NIDS Environment
pp. 291-304
Authors: G. Meera Gandhi and S.K. Srivatsa

TrueCrypt : An Innovative Approach for Hard Disk Security
pp. 305-312
Authors: Minal Moharir and A.V. Suresh

Wireless Rudder Actuation System for an Autonomous System
pp. 313-320
Authors: Pampapathi, C.M. Sujatha and S.A. Hari Prasad

Classification Algorithms in Comparing Classifier Categories to Predict the Accuracy of the Network Intrusion Detection A Machine Learning Approach
pp. 321-334
Authors: G. Meera Gandhi and S.K. Srivatsa

The Imperceptible Video Watermarking Based on Region of Motion Vectors in P-frames
pp. 335-348
Authors: K. Swaraja, Y. Madhavee Latha and V.S.K. Reddy

A Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Architectures and Node Deployment Strategies
pp. 349-354
Authors: Shailender Kumar Gaur and Tapsi Garg

Selecting and Adopting the Right SDLC is an Innovated Management Decision
pp. 355-357
Authors: Jogi John


Two Way Clock Scheme to Minimize the Clock Skew in Digital Frequency Measurement
pp. 359-367
Authors: N. Suresh Kumar, D.V. Rama Koti Reddy, P. Surya Chandra,Uttam Mande and N. Krishna Santosh

Spatial Application of a University using Oracle Spatial Database, MapViewer, and Map Builder
pp. 369-378
Authors: Mudit Kumar and Parteek Bhatia

A Strategic Framework for the Management of ERP 
pp. 379-385
Authors: Sandeep Singhal, Gulshan Chauhan and S.K. Sharma

Medical Image Retrieval using Multiple Features 
pp. 387-396
Authors: B. Jyothi, Y. Madhavee Latha and V.S.K. Reddy

Robust Image Watermarking using Particle Swarm Optimization 
pp. 397-406
Authors: Ch.Venkata Kishore, A. Siva Sankar, T. Ramashri and K. Hari krishna

Quickin Sort - A New Sorting Approach 
pp. 407-414
Authors: Rajesh Ramachandran and E. Kirubakaran




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