Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)

Volume 3, Number 4  2010 






Copyright Protection of High-quality Images 
pp. 415-428
Authors: A.K. Chauhan, Santosh Kumar Paul and Vikrant Gupta

On Closure Properties of Fuzzy Automaton Languages 
pp. 429-443
Authors: S.R. Chaudhari and D.D. Komejwar

Automatic Data Collection from Data Sources for Effective Management
pp. 445-455
Authors: Ms. Jignasa Prajapati and Jayesh M. Dhodiya

Paradigm based Morphological Analyzer for Kannada Language Using Machine Learning Approach
pp. 457-481
Authors: P.J. Antony, M. Anand Kumar and K.P. Soman

Optimization of Multi-Agent Task Allocation using Backtracking Algorithm: A Heuristic Approach
pp. 483-492
Authors: Subrat P. Pattanayak, Sujata Dash and Sanjay Sen

DIVINE - Desired Information for the Visually Impaired to Navigate Everywhere
pp. 493-500
Authors: K.V.N. Sunitha and N. Kalyani

Defect Detection in Texture Images Using Feature Extraction and Segmentation
pp. 501-506
Authors: K.N. Sivabalan and D. Gnanadurai

A Web Recommendation Model for E-Commerce Using Web Usage Mining Techniques
pp. 507-512
Authors: A. Anitha

A Novel Validity Measure for Minimum Spanning Tree-Based Clustering
pp. 513-526
Authors: S. John Peter

Application of Data Mining In Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
pp. 527-540
Authors: Devendra Kumar Tiwary

Comparison of Classifying Methods with Resampling for Classification of Tumors Using Gene Expression Data
pp. 541-545
Authors: E.T. Venkatesh and P. Thangaraj

Isolation of Abnormal Masses in Digital Mammography Images
pp. 547-553 
Authors: Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay




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