Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)

Volume 4, Number 2  2011 





Cross-Layer Architecture in Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 127-130
Authors: Shailender Kumar Gaur and Pankaj Agarwal


Multidimensional Context-Dependent Information Delivery on the Web
pp. 131-143
Authors: V. Mani Sarma and Premchand

Cluster the Unlabeled Datasets using CLODD Method
pp. 145-154
Authors: K. Suresh, P. Srinivasa Rao, A. Subramanyam and A. Rama Mohan Reddy

Memory Enhancement System using Neural Network 

pp. 155-162
Authors: Mahendra S. Makeshwar and N.K. Rajgure


Degree Number based Search Algorithm for Local Outliers and Hubs using Minimum Spanning Tree
Authors: T. Karthikeyan, S. John Peter and S. Chidambaranathan


Selecting Optimal Subset of Features for Intrusion Detection Systems
pp. 179-192
Authors: Hany M. Harb, Afaf A. Zaghrot, Mohamed A. Gomaa and Abeer S. Desuky


Design and Implementation of Very High Speed Carry Save Array Multiplier Unit for Signed and Unsigned Numbers
pp. 193-202
Authors: Ravindra P. Rajput and M.N. Shanmukha Swamy


Use of Image and Anatomical Information in Clustering based Quantitative Analysis of Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) Images
pp. 203-212
Authors: Joshi Manisha Shivram, Rekha Patil and Aravind H.S.


A Study on Backpropogation Models through Hidden Units
pp. 213-227
Authors: B.D.C.N. Prasad, P.E.S.N. Krishna Prasad, P. Sita Rama Murty and A.S.N. Chakravarthy


A Novel Reconfiguration Controller for Speed Efficient Internal Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
pp. 229-242
Authors: Sheetal Bhandari, Shaila Subbaraman and Shashank Pujari 







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