Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology (ACST)


Volume 7, Number 1  (2014)





Effects of the Power Spectrum on the Synchronization of Chaotic Systems

pp. 1-12

Jiin-Po Yeh and Kun-Lin Wu


On Positive Effects of Video/Computer Games

pp. 13-17

Rajeev G. Sapre and Mr.FatinVasta


Study of Will Power with SWOT Analysis (SWWOT Analysis)
pp. 19-21

Mahesh Rawat and Miss. Richa Soni

Comparative Analysis of Some Test Suite Prioritization Techniques using APFD Metric
pp. 23-31
Kamna Solanki and Dr. Yudhvir Singh

An Efficient Local Chan-Vese Expectation Maximization Model for Skull Stripping Magnetic Resonance Images of the Human Brain
pp. 33-53
Gayatri Mirajkar and Dr. B. V. Barbadekar

Emotion Computation in Children Speech in a Robotic Environment Using Gaussian Support Vector Machine
pp. 55-62
Lavanya Dhanesh and .Dr. P. Murugesan

Comparitive Study Of the Priority Pre-Emptive Task Scheduling With the EDF and RM Scheduling in Improving the Performance OF CPU
pp. 63-71
Lavanya Dhanesh and .Dr. P. Murugesan








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