Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)

Volume 4, Number 2 December 2009




Summability of Solutions of the Heat Equation withInhomogeneous Thermal Conductivity in Two Variables
pp. 159–177
Authors: Werner Balser , Mich`ele Loday-Richaud

Strange Attractors and Chaotic Behavior of a Mathematical Model for a Centrifugal Filter with Feedback
pp. 179–194
Authors: M. Bekker,A. Herega,T. Lozovski˘ı

Erratum to: “Existence of Solutions to Some Classes of Partial Fractional Differential Equations”
pp. 195–196
Authors: Toka Diagana 

Existence and Approximation of Solutions of Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales
pp. 197–209
Authors: Rahmat Ali Khan ,Faizullah Faiz and M. Rafique

Blow-up for a non-Newtonian Polytropic Filtration Equation with Multiple Nonlinearities
pp. 211–219
Authors: Zhongping Li

Global Exponential Stability for a Class of NeuralNetworks with Continuously Distributed Delays
pp. 221–229
Authors: Lizi Yin, Yuehui Chen and Yaou Zhao

Uniqueness of Recovering Differential Operators on Hedgehog-Type Graphs
pp. 231–241
Authors: V. Yurko

Multiplicity Results of Positive Solutions for NonlinearThree-Point Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales
pp. 243–253
Authors: Bin Zhao, Hong-Rui Sun





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