Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)

Volume 5, Number 2 December 2010




pp. 131
Authors: Okay C elebi,A˘gacık Zafer

A Survey on Boundary Value Problems for Complex Partial Differential Equations
pp. 133-158
Authors: U mit Aksoy, A. Okay C elebi

Existence of Hamiltonian Structure in 3D
pp. 159-171
Authors: Hasan Gumral

Nonlinear Monotone Potential Operators:From Nonlinear ODE and PDE to Computational Material Sciences
pp. 173-190
Authors: Alemdar Hasanov

Reducibility and Stability Results for Dynamic Systems on Time Scales
pp. 191-203
Authors: Adil Mısır and Suleyman Ogrekci

Leighton–Coles–Wintner Type Oscillation Criteria for Half-Linear Impulsive Differential Equations
pp. 205-214
Authors: Abdullah Ozbekler, Agacık Zafer

Determination of Unknown Coefficients in a Nonlocal Parabolic Problem from Neumann Type Boundary Measured Data
pp. 215-230
Authors: Burhan Pektas

Recent Developments of Lyapunov-type Inequalities
pp. 231-248
Authors: Aydın Tiryaki




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