Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)

Volume 6, Number 1 (2011)




pp. 1-2
Authors: Dragan Djurci´c, Eberhard Malkowsky, Emin O¨ zc¸ag and Malisa R. Z izovic

Application of the Optimal Derivative to the Study of a Ratio-dependent Model describing the Evolution of HIV in Canada
pp. 3-12
Authors: Tayeb Benouaz, Fatiha Lassouani, Sidi Mohamed Amine Bekkouche and Martin Bohner

About the Use of the Classical Lagrange Method for Solving a Class of Vekua Equations
pp. 13-22
Authors: Slagjana Brsakoska and Borko Ilievski

A Problem about Finite Integrability of a System of Vekua’s Complex Differential Equations
pp. 23-31
Authors: Milos C anak and Slagjana Brsakoska

On the Existence of Best Proximity Points of Cyclic Contractions
pp. 33-40
Authors: Majid Derafshpour, Shahram Rezapour Nasser Shahzad

Exponents of Convergence and Games
pp. 41-48
Authors: Dragan Djurci´c, Ljubisa D. R. Kocinac and Malisa R. Z izovic

A Result on the Neutrix Composition of the Delta Function
pp. 49-56
Authors: Brian Fisher and Emin O¨ zc¸ag

Some Integral Inequalities with Maximum of the Unknown Functions
pp. 57-69
Authors: Snezhana G. Hristova and Kremena V. Stefanova

Matrix Transformations and Statistical Convergence II
pp. 71-89
Authors: Bruno de Malafosse and Vladimir Rakocevi´

Banach Algebras of Matrix Transformations Between Spaces of Strongly Bounded and Summable Sequences
pp. 91-109
Authors: Eberhard Malkowsky

The Theory of Convergence and the Set of Statistical Cluster Points
pp. 111-119
Authors: Serpil Pehlivan, H¨useyin Albayrak and Hande Z. Toygan¨oz¨u

Carleman Boundary Value Problems for Polyanalytic Functions
pp. 121-128
Authors: Liljana Stefanovska and Milos C anak









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