Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications (ADSA)

Volume 7, Number 2 (2012)





Nonlinear Difference Equations and Stokes Matrices
pp. 145-162
Author: Werner Balser

Controllability for Systems governed by Semilinear Fractional Differential Inclusions in Banach Spaces
pp. 163-170
Authors: Mabrouk Bragdi and Mohammed Hazi

Determination of Singular Differential Pencils from the Weyl Function
pp. 171-193
Authors: Gerhard Freiling and Vjacheslav Yurko

Bounded Solutions of Almost Linear Volterra Equations
pp. 195-204
Authors: Muhammad N. Islam and Youssef N. Raffoul

Oscillation Criteria for a Class of First-Order Forced Differential Equations under Impulse Effects
pp. 205-218
Authors: Başak Karpuz and Özkan Öcalan

Existence and Global Exponential Stability of almost Periodic Solutions for BAM Neural Networks with Variable Coefficients on Time Scales
pp. 219-240
Authors: Yongkun Li and Chao Wang

Existence of Three Solutions for a Boundary Value Problem in the One-Dimensional Case
pp. 241-245
Author: Wenwu Pan and Lin Li

First Levelís Connection-to-Stokes Formulae for Meromorphic Linear Differential Systems
pp. 247-283
Author: Pascal Remy





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