Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 11 Number 3 (2016)





Geometric Star Decomposition Of Some Trees
pp. 189-198
M. Bhanumathi and S. Santhiya

Differential Inequalities For A First Order Neutral Differential Equations
pp. 199-202
M. Kumari and Y. S. Valaulikar

Total Strong (Weak) Domination Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph
pp. 203-212
P. J. Jayalakshmi, C. V. R. Harinarayanan and P. Muthuraj

Steady-state Behavior of a Multi-phase M/M/1 Queue in Random Evolution subject to Catastrophe failure
pp. 213-221
M. Reni Sagayaraj, S. Anand Gnana Selvam, Moganraj. D and R. Reynald Susainathan

Environmentally Conscious Optimization of Closed Loop Supply Chain Network with Vehicle Routing
pp. 223-243
Santhosh Srinivasan and Shahul Hamid Khan

Fuzzy Dominator Coloring and Fuzzy Chromatic Number on Cartesian Product of Simple Fuzzy Graph
pp. 245-260
R. Muthuraj and A. Sasireka

Super edge-magic total labelings of connected unicyclic (p,q) graphs with magic constant p + q + 3
pp. 261-274
K.Kayathri and A.Shakila Jemima

Coefficient Inequality For Some Subclass Of Meromorphic Functions
pp. 275-279
Karthiyayini. O and Sivasankari. V

Computation of elementary flux mode using right null space approach
pp. 281-297
Tamil Elakkiya Rajendran and Thenmozhi Muthukumarasamy

Mathematics for Students of Engineering with a Study on Stability Analysis of State Space Model
pp. 299-303
G. Uma


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Two Stage Multiobjective Transportation Problems
pp. 305-316
Rita Malhotra and S. K. Bharati






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