Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 12 Number 1 (2017)





A nonlocal diffusion equation revisited

pp. 15

Armel Andami Ovono


The Use of Kamal Transform for Solving Partial Differential Equations

pp. 7-13

Abdelilah. K. Hassan Sedeeg and Zahra. I. Adam Mahamoud


MHD Pulsatile Slip Flow of Blood through Porous Medium in an Inclined Stenosed Tapered Artery in Presence of Body Acceleration
pp. 15-38
Lukendra Kakati, Dhruba Prasad Barua, Nazibuddin Ahmed and Karabi Dutta Choudhury


Perfect if and only if Triangular
pp. 39-49
Tilahun Muche, Mulatu Lemma, George Tessema and Agegnehu Atena


Finite Propagation Speed and Finite Time Blowup of the Euler Equations for Generalized Chaplygin Gas

pp. 51-63

Ka Luen Cheung






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