Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 12 Number 2 (2017)





Some Expansion Formulae for the H -Function

pp. 65-69
Yashwant Singh and Nanda Kulkarni


Generalized open and closed sets via fuzzy ideal topological spaces

pp. 71-79

Jeenu Kurian


On the absolute convergece Haar series
pp. 8184
A.KH. Kobelyan

Note on L1 - approach for a recursive kernel estimators of conditional cumulative distribution function: Asymptotic normality
pp. 8589
Bouadjemi Abdelkader

On duality of sequences of measurable amounts of the jug problem
pp. 9198
Yiu-Kwong Man

Sinc collocation solution for integral algebraic equations of index-1
pp. 99112
Abdallah Al-Habahbeh and Yousef Al-jarrah

The New Integral Transform ''Mohand Transform''
pp. 113-120
Mohand M. Abdelrahim Mahgoub


Exact Solutions of the Slowly Varying Amplitudes of Two Interacting Families for Nonlinearly Coupled Ginzburg-Landau Equations

pp. 121-133

Tat Leung Yee


New Method for Finding Volume of the Sphere

pp. 135-137

K. V. Govinda Rao and A. V. S. N. Murty


Novel existence criteria for periodic solutions of a prescribed mean curvature Rayleigh equation

pp. 139151

Shulin Yan







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