Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 13 Number 1 (2018)





PWI-Ideals of Lattice Pseudo-Wajsberg Algebras

pp. 1-14
A.Ibrahim and M.Indhumathi

On Computing the Inverse of Vandermonde Matrix

pp. 15-21
Yiu-Kwong Man

A Common Fixed Point Theorem without Orbital Continuity
JooSeok Song, Wenpeng Ma and Zhonghua Lu

NS2 Simulator to Evaluate the Effective of Nodes Number and Simulation Time on the Reactive Routing Protocols in MANET
Wu Yuan

Prevention of Eavesdropping in OFDMA Systems
Xiaodong Hu

An Optical-Mechanical Analogy And The Problems Of The Trajectory-Wave Dynamics
Jianguo Ning

New Proof of the Theorem of Existence and Uniqueness of Geometric Fractional Brownian Motionequation
Xinpeng Yuan

Digit and Iterative Digit Sum of Fibonacci Numbers, Their Identities and Powers
Tianbao Ma and Jian Li







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