Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 14 Number 2 (2019)





Propagation of Plane Waves in a Fiber-Reinforced Thermoelastic Medium under Lord-Shulman Model
pp. 89-104
Seema Thakran, Rajesh Kumar, Ankush Gunghas and Kapil Kumar Kalkal

A comparison between ML estimators for poisson, logarithmic and Nonhomogeneous Logarithmic Distribution
Ahmad Samer Wazan

On Metric-Like Spaces: A Su
Romain Laborde

Fitting of Probability Distribution for Analyzing the Rainfall Data in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India
David W. Chadwick

MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Visco-Elastic Fluid Past a Porous Plate with Varying Suction and Heat Source/Sink in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Diffusion
Francois Barrere

Frequency Estimation of Fm Signals Under Non-Gaussian and Colored Noise
Abdelmalek Benzekri







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