Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)


Volume 15 Number 1 (2020)





Quantum Algorithm for Longest Path Problem by Hybrid Method of Groverís Database Search and Shorís Data Decrease
pp. 1-10
Toru Fujimura

Feigenbaum Universality and Control of Chaos in a Nonlinear Chaotic Model Tarini
pp. 11-20
Tarini Kumar Dutta, Pramila Kumari Prajapati and Sankar Haloi


Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis
pp. 21-24
Daniel John Thompson

Solution to the Birch Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
pp. 25-30
Daniel John Thompson

Solution to P verse NP problem
pp. 31-34
Daniel John Thompson

Root Square Mean Labeling of Subdivision of Some Graphs
Yanhong Xu and Honggang Wang

Active Resource Allocation Using ARIMA Forecasting Technique For Virtual Machines In Cloud Computing
Zhouzhou Li

Almost Contra-Continuity Via Topological Grills
Shanzhi Chen and Bo Hu

Causes of Math Anxiety in Engineering Students-An Analysis using Induced Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (IFCM) with TOPSIS
Yanping Xu and Chunhua Wu







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