Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)

Volume 2  Number 1 September (2007)




On the Diameter of a Total Domination Critical Graph
pp. 99-102

Authors: Nader Jafari Rad and Doost Ali Mojdeh

A Two Species Competition Model with Diffusion and a Common Supplementary Resource in Two-Patch Habitat

pp. 103-116
Authors: Joydip Dhar

On Independent Neighborhood and Coloring Graphs

pp. 117-122
Authors: Sirous Ghobadi and N.D. Soner

A Note on the p-Adic q-Transfer Operator

pp. 123-127
Authors: Taekyun Kim

Rational Points on Frey Elliptic Curves on Finite Fields

pp. 129-136
Authors: Musa Demirci and Gökhan Soydan

A Smoothing Inexact Newton Method for Minimax Problems

pp. 137-143
Yu Chen

Integral Solutions of Ternary Quadratic Equation

pp. 145-151

Authors: M.A. Gopalan, S. Vidhayalakshmi and S. Devibala


Normal Subgroups of the Hecke Group Corresponding to One Relator Quotients of Small Order

pp. 153-161
Authors: Hasan Basri Özdemir, Yücel Türker Ulutaş and İsmail Naci Cangül


A Remarkable Sequence

pp. 163-168
Authors: M.A. Gopalan and A. Gnanam


Effects of uniform axial electric field on static cholesteric liquid crystal between two coaxial circular cylinders

pp. 169-174
Authors: R.K.S. Chandel, R. Joshi and A. K. Sharma


SDS Method as a Solution for any LP Problems without Artificial Variable(s)
pp. 175-179

Authors: M. Zahedi Seresht







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