Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)

Volume 5  Number 3 (2010)




Probability of kth-Power Free Number 
pp. 271-276
Authors: S. Pattanayak and G.C. Nayak

Mechanical Algebras Classical, Nano, Nuclear, Quantum Spaces 
pp. 277-288
Authors: Cebrail Hasimi Oktar

Direct Product of Anti Fuzzy R-Sub Modules Over Commutative Ring with Respect to S-Norms
pp. 289-294
Authors: R. Nagarajan and A. Solairaju

Compactly Generated Short Exact Sequences in Locally Compact Groups 
pp. 295-301
Authors: H. Sahleh and S. Sajjad Gashti

On Multiobjective Variational Control Problems Involving Generalized Univex Type I Functions
pp. 303-317
Authors: Raman Patel

Equivalent Conditions of Distributive Congruence Filter 
pp. 319-330
Authors: B. Chellappa and M. Jeyakumar

Generalised Multiobjective Duality With - Invexity 
pp. 331-338
Authors: Rajani B. Dash, Dhirendra K. Dalai and Narayan Mishra

Inequalities Involving Upper and Lower Bounds for Certain Operators on lp Spaces
pp. 339-345
Authors: Ajay K. Sharma, Kuldip Raj and Sunil K. Sharma

On Certain Properties of Neighborhoods of Multivalent Functions using an Integral Operator
Authors:Hesam Mahzoon 


Word Based Text Compression Technique using Dynamic Dictionary 
pp. 355-362
Authors:  U.S. Bhadade and A.I. Trivedi

Reflection and Refraction of Waves in a Frictionally Bonded Interface of Layered Anisotropic Elastic Half Spaces
pp. 363-370
Authors:  P. C. Pal and Banti Sen




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