Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics (ATAM)

Volume 6  Number 2 (2011)




Content based Image Retrieval using Color Metric Histogram and Support Vector Machine (SVM)
pp. 129-137
Authors: P. Ambika, V. Sathya and J. Abdul Samath

Attribute Sampling Plans for Variable Fraction Non-Conformities: A Product Control Solution based on Stochastic Differential Equation
pp. 139-145
Authors: K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna and S. DevaArul

Certain Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Neutral Delay Difference Equations
pp. 147-151
Authors: B. Selvaraj and G. Gomathi Jawahar

Variable Single Sampling Plans when the Fraction Defective is Variable in Nature: A Solution using SDE
pp. 153-160
Authors: V. Jemmy Joyce and S. DevaArul

Single Term Haar Wavelet Series Approach to Linear Stiff Systems
pp. 161-170
Authors: S. Sekar, K. Prabakaran and E. Paramanathan

Wave Propagation in a Homogeneous Isotropic Cylindrical Panel
pp. 171-181
Authors: P. Ponnusamy and R. Selvamani

Gaine’s Hidden Markov Model and Minimum Message Length Estimator
pp. 183-190
Authors: Murugesan N. and Suguna P.

Oscillation Theorems of Solutions for Certain third Order non Linear Difference Equations
pp. 191–201
Authors: B. Selvaraj

Oscillation Behavior of Certain Fourth Order Linear and Nonlinear Difference Equations
pp. 203–211
Authors: B. Selvaraj

On Nearly Fuzzy Pairwise Regular Spaces
pp. 213–219
Authors: M. Kameswari, V. Lakshmana Gomathy Nayagam, P.V. Ramakrishnan

Existence Results for Fractional Impulsive Neutral Functional Differential Inclusions
pp. 221–232
Authors: M. C. Ranjini and A. Anguraj

Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to Impulsive Mixed Volterra–Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions
pp. 233–254
Authors: V. Kavitha and M. Mallika Arjunan1

Existence of solutions of Fractional Quasilinear Impulsive Differential Equations
pp. 255–267
Authors: A. Anguraj and M.LathaMaheswari

Existence Results for an Impulsive Partial Neutral Functional Differential and Integrodifferential Equations in Banach Spaces
pp. 269–295
Authors: M. Mallika Arjunan




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