Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications (AWMC)



Volume 10 Number 5 (2017)




Research Analysis on Optimization of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 829-840
K. Lakshmisudha and C. Arun

Biogas-Solar Hybrid Systems for Solving Issues on Sustainable Energy Supply in Punjab (India), an Agrarian State
pp. 841-858
Gurinderpal Singh, V.K. Jain and Amanpreet Singh

Development of Modified Reactive protocol to diminish Blackhole attack using Diffe-hellman and BT-AODV in MANETs
pp. 859-869
Dinesh, jay Kumar and Rajiv Mahajan

Energy-Efficient Low Memory Listless SPIHT coder for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
pp. 871-883
Nishat Bano, Nishat Bano and Shish Ahmad

A Simple Smart Shopping Application Using Android Based Bluetooth Beacons (IoT)
pp. 885-890
Shyam Mohan J S

Session Initiated Quadratic Lyapunov Multi Access Router for Seamless Mobility Communication in Pans
pp. 891-912
Sridhar D. and C. Chandrasekar

Study of Various Generation and Bandwidth Sharing Issues in Mobile Network
pp. 913-924
Abhishek Prabhakar, Amod Tiwarib and Vinay Kumar Pathakc

An Investigation of the Various Challenges of OFDM-based Cognitive Radio
pp. 925-932
Jagsir Singh and Jaswinder Singh

A Hybrid Framework using Fuzzy if-then rules for DBSCAN Algorithm
pp. 933-942
Anjali B. Raut

Underwater Wireless Communication System For Large Distance Transmission
pp. 943-948
Immareddy Suhash Reddy, Ashlesh Upadhyaya V. and Anup M.P

Performance Enhancement and Analysis of MODLEACH Routing Protocol in WSNs
pp. 949-959
Neha Bhadu and Uma Kumari

Comparison of AOMDV, DSR and MDART Multipath Routing Protocols
pp. 961-967
Amandeep Kaur and Gurpreet Singh


Symmetric Key Cryptography based Secure AODV Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 969-984
Awadhesh Kumar and R. R. Tewari

Fault Tolerant Ant Colony Optimization Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 985-999
Chaganti B.N. Lakshmi and S.K. Mohan Rao

The effect of washing on the Performance Characteristics of Wideband Textile Microstrip Antennas
pp. 1001-1006
Bivas Roy, Debasree Chanda Sarkar, Partha Pratim Sarkar and Santosh Kumar Chowdhury

Testing of a 3G/LTE Adaptive Information Grouping System in Vehicular Netwroks
pp. 1007-1016
Nishat Fatima and M.Narayana

A Survey on Position based Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 1017-1033
Jyoti R M and Basavaraj Mathapati

Enhanced Longevity of MANETs using ACO based Balanced Network Monitoring and Routing Model (BNMR)

pp. 1035-1049

S. Beski Prabaharan and R. Ponnusamy


Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols for wrecked ship scenario under Random Waypoint Mobility Model for MANET

pp. 1051-1058

Ajay Ezra Lochan, A. Ashok, A K Jaiswal and Prinu C. Philip


A Review on Efficient Opportunistic Forwarding Techniques used to Handle Communication Voids in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 1059-1066

Varun G Menon


Compact Triangular Slot Antenna with Improved Radiation Pattern
pp. 1067-1079
A.Rajalingam and M.Ramkumar Prabhu

Modified AODV with double ended queue(dqAODV) with reduced overhead
pp. 1081-1095
Soumen Saha, Utpal Roy and Devadutta Sinha

Performance of RAKE receiver over different UWB channel
pp. 1097-1105
Twinkle V. Doshi

Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT
pp. 1107-1116
Vaishnavi V. Daigavane and Dr. M.A Gaikwad

A Multiband PIFA Design for GSM/UMTS/LTE/IRNSS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Operations in Mobile Phone
pp. 1117-1124
Subathra Thavakumar and Susila.M

Architecture, Features and Security Concern of IoT
pp. 1125-1139
Rishi Kashyap, Palak Bansal, Suman Bharti and Aarti Malyan

Context aware Wireless Intrusion Detection System for IEEE 802.11 based Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1141-1162
Siva Balaji Yadav.C and R.Seshadri


SZBC-HWSN: Stabilize Zone Balanced Cluster Head Selection Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network

pp. 1163-1183

Santosh Vishnu Purkar and R.S.Deshpande


Attacks Finding and Prevention Techniques in MANET: A Survey

pp. 1185-1195

Monika Goyal, Sandeep Kumar Poonia and Deepak Goyal


Analysis and Simulation Study of Wormhole and Packet Drop Attack using AODV protocol on MANET using NS-3

pp. 1197-1206

Ashutosh Kispotta, Navendu Nitin, Neelesh Agrawal and A.K Jaiswal


Design and Simulation of Vehicular Adhoc Network using SUMO and NS2

pp. 1207-1219

Badugu Samatha, K. Raja Kumar and Nagarjuna Karyemsetty


Analyzing the Performance of Random Mobility Models with Opportunistic Routing

pp. 1221-1226

Varun G Menon






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