Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)

Volume 2, Number 1 (2010)


Lunar Phases, Investor Mood and the Stock Market Returns: Evidence from the Tunisian Stock Exchange 
pp. 1-18
Authors: Fatma Hammami and Ezzeddine Abaoub

An Empirical Study of Indian Individual Investors’ Behavior 
pp. 19-33
Authors: Syed Tabassum Sultana

Performance Evaluation of Two Optimal Portfolios by Sharpe’s Ratio
pp. 35-46
Authors: Asmita Chitnis

Impact of Interest Rate Derivatives on the Liquidity of the Bond Cash Market
pp. 47-58
Authors: Dr. Kirti Arekar

Impact of Micro Finance - An empirical Study on the Attitude of SHG Leaders in Vellore District (Tamil Nadu, India)
pp. 59-68
Authors: K. Rajendran and R.P. Raya

Role of Information Technology in Women Empowerment
pp. 69-78
Authors: R. Rakesh

Counseling: A Key to Manage Anger
pp. 79-94
Authors: S.C. Vetrivel and S. Chandra Kumarmangalam

Idiosyncratic Volatility under a Price-Limit System Using Gibbs-Sampling
pp. 95-102
Authors: Kyong Shik Eom, Hyung Cheol Kang, and Joon-Seok Kim

Analysis of the Relationship between Market Structure and Profitability Performance: The Case of Commercial Banks in Jordan
pp. 103-121
Authors: Faris Nasif AL- Shubiri

A Study on Quality of Service as a Tool for Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction in Banks
pp. 123-133
Authors: R. Magesh

A Revisit on the Application of Hackmann and Oldham Model in Organisation
pp. 135-145
Authors: Mahesh

e-CRM – In the Insurance Industry using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Model
pp. 147-158
Authors: D.G. Harkut and Dr. S.B. Sadar

Financial Time Series Forecasting : Comparison Of Various Arch Models
pp. 159-172
Authors: AK Dhamija and VK Bhalla




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