Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)

Volume 2, Number 2 (2010)


Comparison between Working Capital Management of Public and Private Sector Enterprises “Discussion based on Comparative Case Studies of TISCO and RINL”
pp. 173-187
Authors: Amit Joshi, Saurabh Joshi and Vikas Gairola

Lead of India in Glittering Gold: A Perspective Approach 
pp. 189-196
Authors: Suryavanshi Anil Govindrao

Corporate Governance: Meaning and Implementation 
pp. 197-207
Authors: Sanjay Kumar and V.K. Singh

Role of MFI’s in Empowering Rural Women- A Scenario from India 
pp. 209-224
Authors: T. Dheepa and G. Barani

Estimation of Value-at-risk for International Portfolios 
pp. 225-244
Authors: Mei-Yueh Huang, Jun-Biao Lin and Tsung-Wei You

Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in India- Opportunities and Benefits
pp. 245-259
Authors: Syed Khaja Safiuddin

An Empirical Analysis of the Scope of Floated Gold ETF with Respect to Indian Market
pp. 261-274
Authors: Chandrima Das

Solution of a Probabilistic Fixed Order Interval System:A General Fuzzy Programming Technique and Intutionistic Fuzzy Optimization Technique
pp. 275-294
Authors: S. Banerjee and T.K. Roy

Foreign Exchange Reserves Management in India: Accumulation and Utilisation
pp. 295-306
Authors: M. Rama Krishna Prasad and G. Raghavender Raju

Can Price-Earnings Ratios Really Forecast Stock Returns? Evidence from Historical U.S. Data 1871-2009
pp. 307-320
Authors: Erhard Reschenhofer, Markus Cerman, Andreas Gulyas,Jonathan Mauerhofer and Leopold Stefan

The Efficienct Market Hypothesis: Realities from the Nigerian Stock Market
pp. 321-331
Authors: Efobi Uchenna Rapuluchukwu

Flowcharts and the Parrondo Paradox 
pp. 333-344
Authors: Marcus Davidsson

The Changing Face of Accounting in the Era of Electronic Commerce in Saudi Arabia
pp. 345-359
Authors: Sajid Ali and Alaa Mohamad Maloain

Effective Business Management Using Information Management and Decision Making System
pp. 361-367
Authors: Priti Prajapati and Jayesh M. Dhodiya

A Theoretical Study on Value Added Tax in India
pp. 369-374
Authors: Dr. K. Ramachandra




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