Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)

Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)


Job Satisfaction of Faculty Members of Private Engineering Colleges –In Context of Tamilnadu, India
pp. 1-13
Authors: N.S. Shibu

Foreign Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance: Empirical Evidence from India
pp. 15-24
Authors: P. Vidhya Priya and R. Shanmughan

Application of Statistical Process Control for Quality Management in Technical Education
pp. 25-33
Authors: A.K. Madan and R.S. Mishra

Social Capital – Assessing Changing Patterns in Indian Society and Organizational Context
pp. 35-50
Authors: Supreet Ahluwalia and Vivek Joshi

On the Distribution of the Time to Ruin when the Initial Reserve is Large
pp. 51-55
Authors: M. Vivekananda Murty, G. Arti and S. Naresh

An Empirical Study on the Pre and Post-Purchase Informational Needs of Mutual Fund Investors
pp. 57-68
Authors: S. Raghunatha Reddy, C. Subba Reddy and K. Thulasi Krishna

Forensic Accounting: A Tool of Detecting White Collar Crimes in Corporate World
pp. 69-76
Authors: R.B. Sharma and Alaa Mohamad Maloain

Hedging Effectiveness of Index Futures Contract: The Case of S & P CNX Nifty
pp. 77-89
Authors: Ash Narayan Sah and Krishan K. Pandey

Gaps in the Fertilizer Distribution in India : A Special Reference to Punjab State
pp. 91-96
Authors: Sanjay Kumar and V.K. Singh

A Literature Review of Borrowers Perception on Housing Finance 
pp. 97-109
Authors: D. Regis Arunodayan

A Comparative Assessment of Banking and Microfinance Interventions in Uttrakhand
pp. 111-121
Authors: A.K. Pokhriyal and Vipin Ghildiyal

Negative Impact of FDI on the Host Country : Surge in Crime Rate in India
pp. 123-136
Authors: G.T. Manjula

Appraisal of Investment Avenues: An Empirical Study of Selected Investors in Kolhapur City
pp. 137-149
Authors: Anil G. Suryavanshi

Impact of Working Capital Management on Firm’s Profitability 
pp. 151-158
Authors: M. Rajesh and N.R.V. Ramana Reddy

Optimal Pricing and Ordering Policies when the Supplier Provides Two-Stage Credit Periods
pp. 159-172
Authors: Nita H. Shah and Hardik Soni




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