Global Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (GJMMS)


Volume 3, Number 1  (2013)





SHKALIKOV’S method and the Riesz basis property for a flexible cable with boundary feedback

pp. 1-19

Authors: Toure. K. Augustin, Mensah E. Patrice and Taha M. Mathurin


Application of Chi-Square Test in Business Analytics

pp. 21-25

Authors: Ramesh M. Mirajkar


Homomorphism on Fuzzy Meet Semi L-Ideals

pp. 27-32

Author: Dr. B. Anandh


Application of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network in a Restaurant Problem

pp. 33-39

Authors: Dr. G.Nirmala and M.Vijaya


Equality of Centered Hexagonal Number with Special M-Gonal Numbers

pp. 41-45

Authors: M.A. Gopalan, Manju Somanath and K. Geetha


On Weakly Symmetric And Special Weakly Ricci Symmetric Lorenzian  α−Sasakian Manifolds

pp. 47-53

Author: Amit Prakash, Shadab Ahmad Khan and Vijay Kumar Pandey


Efects of Mathematical Structures on Learning Mathematics by Secondary School Students in Kenya

pp. 55-61

Author:  Prof. Zachariah Kariuki Mbugua





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