Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 12  Number 2  (2016)





Primes in Geometric-Arithmetic Progression
pp. 1161–1180
Sameen Ahmed Khan

On Regularity of SolutionK to Diffusion Approximation of GI/G/1 Queueing System
pp. 1181-1199
Hirotada Honda

Constructing Volatility Model of Portfolio Return by using GARCH
Tarno, Hasbi Yasin and Budi Warsito

Intuitionistic fuzzification functions
pp. 1211-1227
C. Radhika and R. Parvathi

New Phase-Fitted and Amplification-Fitted Modified Runge-Kutta Method for Solving Oscillatory Problems
pp. 1229-1242
Firas A. Fawzi, N. Senu, F. Ismail and Zanariah Abd. Majid

Prediction of generalized order statistics from two independent sequences
pp. 1243–1255
M. S. Kotb

Direct numerical method for solving a class of fourth-order partial differential equation
pp. 1257-1272
Kasim Abbas Hussain, Fudziah Ismail and Norazak Senu

Neural Network Based Solar-Wind Energy Using Buck Boost-Sepic Converter
pp. 1273-1281
Priyanga Ramesh and J.Femila Roseline

Numerical solution of one dimensional contaminant transport equation with variable coefficient (temporal) by using Haar wavelet
pp. 1283-1292
A. C. Patel and V. H. Pradhan

pp. 1293-1298
Sindhu Veeramani and Lydia Jeba

Parameter Estimation of SIR Epidemic Model Using MCMC Methods
pp. 1299-1306
A. S. Talawar and U. R. Aundhakar

Fuzzy fixed point of multivalued Ciric type fuzzy contraction mappings in b-metric spaces
pp. 1307-1316
Anju Panwar and Anita

Multivariate fermionic p-adic integral on Zp associated with Frobenius-Euler polynomials and numbers
pp. 1307-1316
Anju Panwar and Anita

On the generalized non-commutative sphere and their K-theory
pp. 1325-1335
Saleh Omran

Mathematical analysis for unsteady dispersion of solutes in blood stream-A comparative study
pp. 1337-1374
D. S. Sankar, Nurul Aini Jaafar and Yazariah Yatim

Bounds for the second Hankel determinant of certain univalent functions
pp. 1375-1385
Liew, P. H., Fuah and K. H., Janteng, A

Optimization of Multi-objective Transportation Problem Using Evolutionary Algorithms
pp. 1387-1396
K. Bharathi and C. Vijayalakshmi

Analysis on Various Search Algorithms
pp. 1397-1402
L. Sharmila and U. Sakthi


An Investigation on Some theorems on K-Path Vertex Cover
pp. 1403-1412
P. Durga Bhavani, K. Vijay Kumar and S. Satyanarayana

Optimized Reinforcement Learning Based Adaptive Network Routing for MANETs
pp. 1413-1432
Rahul Desai, B P Patil

Complex Fuzzy Group Based on Complex Fuzzy Space
pp. 1433-1450
Abdallah Al-Husban and Abdul Razak Salleh

Marcinkiewicz integrals on product spaces and extrapolation
Mohammed Ali and Ebtehaj Janaedeh

A New Algorithm for Developing Block Methods for Solving Fourth Order Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 1465-1471
Oluwaseun Adeyeye and Zurni Omar

Sequences of numbers obtained by digit and iterative digit sums of Sophie Germain primes and its variants
pp. 1473-1480
Sheila A. Bishop, Hilary I. Okagbue, Muminu O. Adamu and Funminiyi A. Olajide

Patterns obtained from digit and iterative digit sums of Palindromic, Repdigit and Repunit numbers, its variants and subsets
pp. 1481-1490
Sheila A. Bishop, Hilary I. Okagbue, Muminu O. Adamu, Abiodun A. Opanuga

Data Security Based On Big Data Storage
pp. 1491-1500
S. Ananthi and Anjali Periwal and Prince Mary. S

Undergraduate Students' Attitude towards Mathematics after Peer Teaching Experience
pp. 1501-1517
Ra'ed Abdelkarim, Reem Abuiyada and Sabir Ali Siddiui

Two Step Hybrid Block Method with Two Generalized Off-step Points for Solving Second Ordinary Order Differential Equations Directly
pp. 1519-1535
Raed, Abdalrheem and Mohammad, Aldalal’ah

Inverse Secure Domination in the Join and Corona of Graphs
pp. 1537-1545
Enrico L. Enriquez and Edward M. Kiunisala

Performance of non-parametric classifiers on highly skewed data
pp. 1547–1565
Fatima Siddiqui and Qazi M. Ali

Modified degenerate tangent numbers and polynomials
pp. 1567-1574
Cheon Seoung Ryoo

Watermarking for Video using single channel block based schur decomposition
pp. 1575-1585
Chhaya S. Gosavi and S. N. Mali

Modified Variational Iteration Method for Solving Fourth Order Parabolic PDEs With Variable Coefficients
pp. 1587-1592
Alla M. Elsheikh and Tarig M. Elzaki.

A study on the Choquet integral with respect to a capacity and its applications
pp. 1593–1599
Jacob Wood and Lee-Chae Jang

Weyl andWeyl type theorems for m-quasi-n-class A(k) and algebraically m-quasi-n-class A(k) operators
pp. 1601–1612
D. Senthilkumar and S. Shylaja

Nonexistence of global solutions for a fractional problems with a nonlinearity of the Fisher type
pp. 1613–1627
Brahim Tellab and Kamel Haouam

Application of Contraction Mapping in Menger Spaces
pp. 1629-1634
Piyush Kumar Tripathi, Suyash Narayan Mishra and Manisha Gupta

Implementing an Order Six Implicit Block Multistep Method for Third Order ODEs Using Variable Step Size Approach
pp. 1635-1646
Jimevwo G. Oghonyon, Nicholas A. Omoregbe and Sheila A. Bishop

A Novel Hierarchical Scheduling Method for Managing Parallel Workloads in Cloud
pp. 1647-1662
R. Valarmathi and T. Sheela

Regular cubeco graphs
pp. 1663-1669
Omar Alomari and Mohammad Abudayah and Hasan Al-Ezeh

The intrinsic structure of FFT and a synopsis of SFT
pp. 1671-1676
Hwajoon Kim

On multiple twisted λ-Daehee polynomials
pp. 1677-1684
Hyuck In Kwon, Taekyun Kim and Jong Jin Seo

An identical period-doubling route to chaos in a family of 3-D sinusoid discrete maps
pp. 1685–1689
M. Mammeri

Concomitants of Order Statistics of a New Bivariate Finite Range Distribution (NBFRD)
pp. 1691-1697
Sabir Ali Siddiqui, Syed Nasser Andrabi and Sanjay Jain, Masood Alam and Raed Abdelkarim

The Total Restrained Monophonic Number of a Graph
pp. 1699-1708
A.P. Santhakumaran, T. Venkata Raghu, P. Titus and K. Ganesamoorthy

Time dependent slip flow of a micropolar fluid between two parallel plates through state space approach
pp. 1709–1722
S.A. Slayi, H.F. Idriss and E.A. Ashmawy

Convergence results of implicit iterative scheme for two asymptotically quasi-I-nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces
pp. 1723–1742
Vinod Kumar Sahu and H. K. Pathak

Scheduling of tollbooth collectors in a Jakarta toll road section
pp. 1743–1751
Farida Hanum, Putri Putu Pratami and Toni Bakhtiar

Kannan - Type Fixed Point Theorem for Four Maps in Cone Pentagonal Metric Spaces1753
pp. 1753–1765
Abba Auwalu and Evren Hınçal

Design of reinforced concrete beams in a case of a change of cross section of composite strengthening reinforcement
pp. 1767-1786
P. P. Polskoy, D. R. Mailyan, D. A. Dedukh and S. V. Georgiev

Structure and mechanisms of developing mathematical abilities of schoolchildren
pp. 1787-1799
Maret Balaudinovna Visitaeva and Achmed Magomedovich Gachaev

Grassmannian Codes as Lifts of Matrix Codes Derived as Images of Linear Block Codes over Finite Fields
pp. 1801–1820
Bryan S. Hernandez and Virgilio P. Sison

Model Selection Approaches of Water Quality Index Data
pp. 1821-1829
Nur Azulia Kamarudin and Suzilah Ismail

Limit Cycles of a Class of Generalized Liénard Polynomial Equations
pp. 1831-1843
Hamamda Meriem and Makhlouf Amar

Inverse Closed Domination in Graphs
pp. 1845-1851
Edward M. Kiunisala

New System of a Parametric General Regularized Nonconvex Variational Inequalities in Banach Spaces
pp. 1853-1871
Jong Kyu Kim, Salahuddin and Jae Yull Sim

A study of a class of a dynamic system of Fitzhugh-Nagumo type
pp. 1873-1883
Amine Sakri and Azzedine Benchettah

On determinants of tridiagonal matrices with (−1, 1)-diagonal or superdiagonal in relation to Fibonacci numbers
pp. 1885-1892
Pavel Trojovský

Revisit nonlinear differential equations associated with Bernoulli numbers of the second kind
pp. 1893-1901
Taekyun Kim, Dae San Kim, Hyuck In Kwon and Jong Jin Seo






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