Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 9  Number 2  (2013)





Oscillation of Neutral Advanced Difference Equation

pp. 83-92

Author: A. Murugesan


Peristaltic Transport of Three Layered Viscous Incompressible Fluid

pp. 93-107

Authors: G.Manjunatha, K.S.Basavarajappa, Thippeswamy.G and Hanumesh Vaidya


Harmonic and Biharmonic Maps of Riemann Surfaces 

pp. 109-124

Author: Yuan-Jen Chiang 


Global Transversal sets and Global transversal Irredundant Sets

pp. 125-132

Authors: P. Jayapraksah and V. Swaminathan


On the Convergence of Generalized Polynomials

pp. 133-136

Authors: Anwar Habib and Saleh Ali Al Shahri


Domatic Subdivision Stable Graphs 

pp. 137-142

Authors: M. Yamuna and K. Karthika


Let us Continue to Complete the Proof for the Polignac’s Conjecture Hereof

pp. 143-149

Author: Zhang Tianshu


Logic about Isolated System—Mathematical Foundation for Science Unification

pp. 151-168

Author: Kai Jiang


MHD Couette-Poiseuille Flow in a Porous Medium

pp. 169-181

Authors: Ngiangia, A.*, T and Orukari M.A+


Einstein- Pauli-Yukawa Paradox: Our view

pp. 183-186

Authors: Ngiangia, A.*, T and Orukari M.A+


Hall and Transverse Magnetic Field Effects on Peristaltic Flow of a Maxwell Fluid through a Porous Medium

pp. 187-203

Authors: Soliman R. El Koumy, El Sayed I. Barakat. and Sara I. Abdelsalam*


Oscillation Results for Odd Order Difference Equations

pp. 205-214

Authors: Hasan Ö˘günmez and Özkan Öcalan


On Concircularly ф-recurrent Sasakian Manifolds

pp. 215-220

Authors: Amit Prakash and Sunil Kumar Srivastava





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