International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 13, Number 2, (2017) 






Synthesis and characterization of some sulfonamide dervatives
pp. 169-177
Firyal Weli Asker, Zainab Zuhera Mahamad Amjad Gali Eliwei and Olfat Abiad Nief

Biodegradable Polymers
pp. 179-196
Rummi Devi Saini

Electrical and FTIR Studies of Plasticized Polymer-Salt Electrolyte membrane and Application to Lithium ion Batteries
pp. 197-210
Sangeetha Mahendrakar, Mallikarjun Anna, J. Siva Kumar and Jaipal Reddy M


Stability Constants of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Transition Metal(II) ions with 1-[(1E)-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)ethanimidoyl]naphthalen-2-ol and 2-{(E)-[(4-chlorophenyl)imino]methyl}phenol
pp. 211-218
Atmaram K. Mapari

Electrochemical Degradation of Acridine Orange Dye at Pd/graphite Modified Electrode in Aqueous Solution
pp. 219-234
Charan Kumar H.C, Shilpa.R, Ravishankar Rai and Ananda*.S

Spectral, Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition and Computational Analysis of Bioactive Metal Complexes of 4 -Methoxysalicyldeoxime
pp. 235-253
Bibhesh K Singh, Jagdish Chandra, Hament K. Rajor and Pinkee

Adsorption study of various dyes on Activated Carbon Fe3O4 Magnetic Nano Composite
pp. 255-266
S. Sivaprakasha, P. Satheesh Kumar and S.K. Krishna


Thermoluminescence studies of Eu3+ doped Calcium Lanthanum borate phosphor
pp. 267-272

A Comparative Study of Swelling Capacity and Surface Morphology of Different Mol % 1, 6-Hexanediol Diacrylate Crosslinked Polystyrene for Catalytic Applications
pp. 273-281
Jaya T. Varkey, Anitta Antony and Ajil P. A

A Short History and Preamble of Surfactants
pp. 283-292
Tejas P. Joshi

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Cadmium Soaps by Using Freeman-Carroll’s and Coats-Redfern’s Equations
pp. 303-309
Vishal Chaudhary

Acoustical and Thermodynamical Studies on Crotanaldehyde with o-Phenyldiamine in n-hexane at Different Temperature
pp. 311-320
Y Geetha and S.ChidambaraVinayagam

Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Nanocrystalline Nd2Mo2-xAlxO9 Fast Oxide Conductors
pp. 333-340
N.Kalaivania, M.Rajasekhara and A.Subramania


Effective Removal and Recovery of Fast Green FCF Dye from Wastewater using Green Adsorbent
pp. 341-351
Shakuntala Sawant, Kiran Lalge, Sandip Labade, Nilesh Khengre and Arvind Burungale

Studies of Substituent and Solvent effect on Spectroscopic Properties of 6-OH-4-CH3, 7-OH-4-CH3 and 7-OH-4-CF3 Coumarin
pp. 353-368
Sanjay Kumar

Highly Efficient Synthesis and Antibacterial of 1, 5-Benzodiazepines under Microwave Irradiation
pp. 369-376
Shrikrishna D. Tupare and Dr. R. P. Pawar

Synthesis of Biodegradable Polylactic Acid Polymer By Using Lactic Acid Monomer
pp. 377-384
Nikita Choksia and Hemangi Desai





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