International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 13, Number 3, (2017) 





Assessment Of Biosolar Quality By Measuring Its Carbon-14 Activity Through Liquid Scintillation Technique
pp. 385-391
Rahmawati, Alfian Noor, Maming and Muhammad Zakir


Synthesis and characterization of some New Oxazepine Compounds Containing 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Ring Derived form D-Erythroascorbic Acid
pp. 393-407
Ali Hammadi Samir, Rasmia Mahmood Rumez and Hussein Ali Fadhil


Studies on Physico-Chemical Parameters of Fish Inhabiting Four Water Bodies in the Vicinity of Kokrajhar, Btad, Assam
pp. 409-420
Sharmistha Chakraborty, Mehdi Al Kausor, Arvind Kumar Goyal, Amit Kumar Basumatary and Birendra Kumar Brahma

A green synthesis of quinoxaline derivatives & their biological actives
pp. 421-432
Kiran G, Laxminarayana Eb, Thirumala Chary Mc and Ravinder Ma

Design, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Amide-Linked Quinoxaline Derivatives
pp. 433-451
Pravin T. Tryambakea and Mahendra S. Khyadeb

Developing a Low Cost Activated Carbon from Agricultural Waste for the Removal of Heavy Metal from Contaminated Water
pp. 453-460
Ravi Kumar, Dinesh Kumar Arya, Nouratan Singh and Hirdayesh Kumar Vats

Catalyst Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Kaolinite Clay from Nileswar, Kerala
pp. 461-475
Prajitha Prabhakaran M K and Pushpaletha P

Structural, Morphological and Electrical Studies of Plasticized Polymer-Salt Electrolyte membrane and Application to Lithium ion Batteries
pp. 477-490
Sangeetha Mahendrakar, Mallikarjun Anna, J. Siva Kumar and Jaipal Reddy M

Antibacterial Activity of Various Extracts of Seeds of the Plant Malva Parviflora (LINN)
pp. 491-496
Sangeeta Parihar and Raina Jadhav

Green Approach towards the Synthesis of MCM-41 from Siliceous Sugar Industry Waste
pp. 497-514
Bhavna A. Shah a, Alpesh V. Patela, Maryam I. Bagia and Ajay V. Shahb

Effect of Nanoclay on Thermal and Flame Retardant Properties of Phosphorylated Epoxy Nanocomposites
pp. 515-523
Priyanka and J. B. Dahiya

Synthesis of 2-(1-((1-(methylsulfonyl)-1H-indol-2-yl)methyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)quinoline-3-carbonitrile
pp. 525-541
Mallaiah Bucha, Laxminarayana Eppakayala, Thirumala Chary and Ramchander Merugu

Refractive Properties of Liquid Binary Mixture at Temperature Range T=298.15-313.15 K\
pp. 543-553
Vikas.S.Gangwar, Gyan Prakash, Sandeep K. Singh and Ashish K. Singh

Formation of Molecular self assembly of Polymorphic Lytropic Induced Chiral Smectic Phases in Binary Mixtures of Liquid Crystalline Materials
pp. 555-566
T.N.Govindaiaha, M.T.Shivasagarb, K. K. Rudreshaa, C. S. Prasannakumara and C.M. Madhushreea

Improvement of the Protection of Mild Steel in Acid using Nicotinic acid N-oxide and Isonicotinic Acid N-oxide as Inhibitors
pp. 567-584G.
Kavithaa and C. Vedhi

Spectroscopic & Conduct metric Studies of Surfactant (Metal Soaps)
pp. 585-592
Rama Singh, Mithlesh Shukla and R.K.Shukla

Polyaniline and Phosphotungstic acid Doped Composite Catalyst for Visible-Light Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol
pp. 593-610
P. Rajesh Anantha Selvan, E. Subramanian and R. Murugesan

Interactions of poly (ethylene) glycols in aqueous solution at 288.0K: Ultrasonic studies
pp. 611-630
R. Joshi, K. Tamta, B. Chandra and N.D. Kandpal


Rapid Biodiesel Production From Palm Kernel Through In Situ Transesterification Reaction Using Cao As Catalyst
pp. 631-646
Juliati Br. Tarigan, Haryo Tejo Prakoso, Donald Siahaan and Jamaran Kaban

A Concise Review on Surfactants and Its Significance
pp. 663-672
Nikunj Dave and Tejas Joshi

The Effect of Planting Distance and Number of Seeds on Growth, Production, and Quality of Local Maize (Zea mays L.), Manado Kuning
pp. 673-690
Anatje Lihiang and Sonny Lumingkewas


Extraction and Characterisation of Mucilage from the herb Dicerocaryum senecioides and its use a potential hair permanent

pp. 691-705

Hardlife Rambwawasvika, Champaklal T. Parekh, Bobby Naidoo and Haleden Chiririwa


Study Biodegradation of Aromatics Pyrene Using Bacterial Isolates from the Sea and micro symbionts Sponges

pp. 707-720

Ismail Marzuki, Hadija Enryani Ismail, Nursiah La Nafie and Seniwati Dali

Of Coconut Shellwaste Pyrolysis Poten as a Carbon Material From Minahasa Charcoal Cy, Indonesia

pp. 721-731

Tiene M.B Turangan, Vistarani Arirni Tiwow and Suddin Simandjuntak






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