International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 05 (2018)  






Influence of Reheating in Pack Carburizing Process with Bamboo Charcoal and Cow Bone Powder Media for Hardness Number and Impact Strength Low Carbon Steel
pp. 2078-2083
Sujita, Rudy Soenoko, Eko Siswanto and Teguh Dwi Widodo

Evolutionary Region Growing for Image Segmentation
pp. 2084-2090
Ahmad EL Allaoui and Merzougui Mohammed

Ant Colony Optimization for Soft Decoding of Linear Block Codes
pp. 2091-2099
Ahmed Azouaoui, Hicham Bouzkraoui and Youssef Hadi

New Hybrid Gateway for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2100-2104
Fihri Mohammed and Ezzati Abdellah

Image Tamper Detection and Localization based on self-generated Verification Code during Image Acquisition
pp. 2110-2118
P. Raja Mani and D.Lalitha Bhaskari

A Comparative Study on the Experimental Results of Strengthened Beams using Externally Bonded Laminate Technique with Strengthening Codes
pp. 2119-2124
Jeevan.N and H.N. Jagannatha Reddy

Analysis of SAR in Human Blood, Bones and Muscles due to Mobile Waves at 900MHz,1800MHz and 2400MHz
pp. 2125-2129
M.Usha Rani, V.S.S.N. Srinivasa Baba and Srivalli Gundala

An Investigation of Exception Handling Practices in .Net and Java Environments
pp. 2130-2140
Preetesh Purohit and Vrinda Tokekar

A Low-Cost True Random Bits Generator Based on Chaotic System and Light Nature
pp. 2141-2146
Alaa Kadhim F and Hakeem Imad Mhaibes

Improving Machining Productivity of Single Cylinder Engine Block – A Case Study of Manufacturing Organization
pp. 2147-2157
Vikas Gulati and Harwinder Singh

Optimization of Process parameters in hot machining of Inconel 718 alloy using FEM
pp. 2158-2162
A. Kiran Kumar and P. Venkataramaiah

Unsupervised classification by Isodata using genetic algorithm and Xie - Beni criterion
pp. 2163-2167
Mohammed Merzougui and Ahmad EL Allaoui

Analyzing Prevailing Opinion on Social Media using LSTM-GRU Neural Networks
pp. 2173-2180
P.Santhi Priya and Thiruveedhula Venkateswara Rao

Measurements of Mass and Surface Exhalation Rate from Soil of Eastern Haryana, India
pp. 2181-2186
Amanjeet, Ajay Kumar and Suneel Kumar

Security Issues for Cloud Computing: Comparative Study
pp. 2187-2191
Mussaveer Tungal

Early Effort Prediction for Agile Software Development Using Historical Data to Improve Productivity
pp. 2192-2196
R. Manjula and R.Thirumalai Selvi

Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and African Buffalo Optimization (HGAABO) Based Scheduling in ZigBee Network
pp. 2197-2206
N.R. Solomon Jebaraj and H.R Keshavan

Artifical Intelligence Doctor (Aid) Using Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
pp. 2207-2212

An Insight into the Changing World of Communication- A Generic Study of Undergraduate Students’ Perception of WhatsApp and Its Usage.
pp. 2213-2224
Sonica Rautela, Tarun Kumar Singhal and Samir Yerpude

Geoelectrical and Hydrochemical Assessment of the Groundwater in Al-Abyad Phosphate Area/ Jordan
pp. 2225-2234
Sadam S. Ramadain, Zuhair El-Isa and Omar Rimawi

Direct Part Marking of Inconel 718
pp. 2235-2241
E. Bassoli

Jaya Algorithm + Savings + 2-Opt Heuristic for Multi-Objective Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Constraints & Heterogeneous Fleet of Vehicles
pp. 2242-2250
R. J. Dhake, N.R. Rajhans and Nagesh Bhole

Screen Conductor Impact on Residential Exposure to Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields
pp. 2251-2257
J. Morales and F. Guerrero

Lightweight Block Ciphers for IoT based applications: A Review
pp. 2258-2270
Deepti Sehrawat and Nasib Singh Gill

Study of Steel Silo Used for Material Storage
pp. 2271-2275
Rajiv Selvam, Grace Clement and Veerakumar Muthiralan

A Comprehensive Survey on Various Biometric Systems
pp. 2276-2297
T.Sabhanayagam, V. Prasanna Venkatesan and K. Senthamaraikannan

Performance Analysis of Coal Based KWU Designed Thermal Power Plants using Actual Data at Different Load Conditions
pp. 2298-2325
R. B. Chokshi, Neeraj K. Chavda and A. D. Patel

Synthesis of an Assigned Structure Generator of Binary Sequence Sets
pp. 2326-2330
Evgeniy F. Berezkin

The Effect of Technology and Digitalization on the Quality Management System among Omani Oil and Gas Drilling Company
pp. 2331-2337
Ali Malik AL Harthy, Sagaran Gopal, Yu Hock Oo, Said.M. Al-Saqri and Asif M Karim

Metaheuristic For Solving the Location Routing Problem of the Biomass Power Plant
pp. 2338-2345
Chamnan Poonsawat and Thanchuda Phannikul

Towards the Extinction of the Local Wisdom of Traditional Minahasa Wooden House in Kampung Jawa Tondano - Indonesia
pp. 2346-2355
Pierre H. Gosal, Antariksa S., Surjono, Agung M. Nugroho and Jefrey I. Kindangen

Cloud Ranking Algorithms for the Selection of the Optimal Cloud Service Provider
pp. 2356-2360
Harsimran Kaur, Sarvjit Singh Bhatia and Anurag Rai

Development of Blood Donor Complication Semantic Retrieval System using the Ontology Application Management Framework
pp. 2361-2367
Apichai Suesatsakulchai, Marut Buranarach and Orasa Tetiwat

Scheduling Analysis and correction for Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems Based on Multi-Agent Systems
pp. 2368-2374
Adel Mahfoudhi, Walid Karamti and Atef Zaguia

Effect of Agitator Type on Co-digestion of Pig Manure and Vegetable Waste for Biogas Production
pp. 2375-2379
Nattadon Pannucharoenwong

Enhancement of an Arabic Speech Emotion Recognition System
pp. 2380-2389
Samira Klaylat, Lama Hamandi, Ziad Osman, Rached Zantout and Rafik Hariri University

Development of TEG Peltier Device for Heat Harvesting from 1.5 HP Split Unit Air Conditioning System
pp. 2390-2394
Amir Abdullah Muhamad Damanhuri, Muhammad Ilman Hakimi Chua Abdullah, Abdul Munir Hidayat Shah Lubis, Muhammad Zulfattah Zakaria, Mohamed Saiful Firdaus Hussin and Mohammad ‘Afif Kasno

Spectrum Sensing and Energy Efficiency Strategies in Cognitive Radio Networks-Perspective and Prospects
pp. 2395-2411
Neetu Goyal and Sanjay Mathur

Realization of a New Analog Circuit for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Panels
pp. 2412-2420
Abdulrahman Alahdal, Nisrine Mhiri, Hamza Ghulman and Anis Ammous

Results of Development of the Automated System of Calculation the Coriolis and Boussinesq’s Coefficients at the Swirling Flow
pp. 2421-2428
Aslamova V.S., Komleva T.A., Kargapoltsev S.K., Gozbenko V.E. and Kuznetsov B.F

A Rank Neutrosophic Technique for Effective Decision Making Problems
pp. 2429-2431
Meena Arora

A Fuzzy Logic Based Soft Computing Approach in CBIR System Using Incremental Filtering Feature Selection to Identify Patterns
pp. 2432-2442
V. Yadaiah, R .Vivekanandam and Rajaram Jatothu

Comparative Performance Analysis on Revised MANET Routing Protocols
pp. 2443-2451
Lakshman Naik.L, R.U.Khan and R.B.Mishra

Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPONs): Physical Layer Analysis and Survivability
pp. 2452-2457
Anjana Shukla and Vineeta Saxena Nigam

Fault Seal Capacity Study for Potential Cluster Prospects in Song Hong Basin, Vietnam
pp. 2458-2467
Phong Van Phung, Anh The Vu, Tuan Quang Nguyen and Tung Thanh Nguyen

A new triterpenoid from stem bark Garcinia lateriflora Blume
pp. 2468-2470
Nurdin Saidi, Mustanir, Raihanaton and Azlan Nafiah

Power Losses Formula for Optimal Power Flow Problem in Power System
pp. 2471-2476
Jumana A. Alshawawreh

A Review of Image Transmission using Real Time Technique over WMSN
pp. 2477-2483
Pratibha, Sandeep Vijay and Sandeep Kumar Dubey

A Review of Image Segmentation using Clustering Methods
pp. 2484-2489
Sandeep Kumar Dubey, Sandeep Vijay and Pratibha

Catching energy efficient stable nodes in Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 2490-2498
Kapila Vyas, Ajay Khunteta and Amit Chaturvedi

Myntra- An Online E-Commerce Retailer to a Mobile Commerce Player
pp. 2499-2503
Souvik Roy and Achyut Telang

The Effect of Cracks Propagation on Cohesion and Internal Friction Angle for High Plasticity Clay
pp. 2504-2507
Hutagamissufardal Indrasurya B. Mochtar and Noor Endah B. Mochtar

Case Study of Applied Artificial Neural Networks on Forecasting the Essential Performance in a CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Process
pp. 2508-2522
Si Le Van and Bo Hyun Chon

Impact of the Implementation of a New Information System in the Management of Higher Education Institutions
pp. 2523-2532
Camilo Guerrero and Javier E. Sierra

Authentication of Biometric For Multi-Model Framework Using Fingerprint in Cloud Storage
pp. 2533-2540
G. Preethi and N.P. Gopalan

A Comparative Study on Flank Wear of Ceramic and Tungsten Carbide Inserts during High Speed machining of Stainless Steel
pp. 2541-2544
Ahsan Ali Khan, AKM Mohiuddin and Norainnatul Husna Norhamzan

Effects of the Number of Workers Exposed to Industrial Machines and the Level of Workers’ Safety Behavior on the Occurrence of Industrial Accidents
pp. 2545-2550
Kwan Woo Kim and Yoon Ho Cho

An Algorithm and Architecture for HEVC Video Compression
pp. 2551-2557
K. Bhanu Rekha and Ravi Kumar AV

Deep–CNN Architecture for Error Minimisation in Video Scaling
pp. 2558-2568
Safinaz S. and Ravi Kumar AV

Secure Use of Cloud Storage of Data on Smartphones using Atomic AES on ARM Architectures
pp. 2569-2581
Solomon Babatunde Olaleye and Shri Kant

Cooperative Routing For Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiple Flows
pp. 2582-2588
Mohanram.S, M.Vijayalakshmi and K.Vidya

Automate Backup Using Workgroup Distributed File System
pp. 2589-2594
Ravi Upra and Roungsan Chaisricharoen

Multitextured Segmentation for Improving Moving Objects Detection and Tracking
pp. 2595-2603
Matheswari Rajamanickam and Aishwarya Palaniappan

Feasibility Study of Wind and Solar Powered Pumped Hydro Energy Storage System for Isolated Grid Application in Amhara Region
pp. 2604-2613
Yohannes Feyissa Beyisho

A Study on Web Hijacking Techniques and Browser Attacks
pp. 2614-2618
M. Sathish Kumar and B.Indrani

Fault Reduction Algorithm for under Water Acoustic Networks using Neural Networks

pp. 2619-2623
Manica Sayal, Amit Kumar Bindal and Ankur Mangla

Implementation of M2M Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Oriented to Its use in Smart Cities Supported by IoT
pp. 2624-2629
Irene Castañeda Lopez, Jhon Guzman Arias and Holman Montiel Ariza

Reliable Physical Unclonable Function based on Asynchronous Circuits
pp. 2630-2634
Kyung Ki Kim

Wind Tunnel Study of Different Roof Geometry Configurations for Wind Induced Natural Ventilation into Stairwell in Tropical Climate
pp. 2635-2647
Lip Kean Moey, Nor Mariah Adam, Kamarul Arifin Ahmad and Luqman Chuah Abdullah

Preventing Short-lived Data from Overwhelming a Host Cache in Virtualized Systems
pp. 2654-2658
Lee, Eunji

Implementing of IP address Recovery for DHCP Service
pp. 2659-2662
Mayoon Yaibuates and Roungsan Chaisricharoen

Experimental Investigation on polymer fiber reinforced engineered cementitious composites under Flexural and Shear Loading
pp. 2663-2668
M. Siva

A Low Power Hamming Code Based Controller with Splitting Logic Built-in Self Test Scheme
pp. 2669-2679
P.Indira and M.Kamaraju

Performance Analysis of Big Data Intrusion Detection System over Random Forest Algorithm
pp. 2680-2687
Alaa Abd Ali Hadi

Effect of Gravity Modulation and Internal Heat Generation on Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in Couple Stress Fluid with Maxwell-Cattaneo Law
pp. 2688-2693
Maria Thomas and Sangeetha George K.

Spoken Language Identification using Gaussian Mixture Model-Universal Background Model in Indian Context
pp. 2694-2700
Sreedhar Potla and Vishnu Vardhan. B

A Conceptual Perspective on the Impact of Micro Finance
pp. 2701-2705
N.B.Sikivahan and V.M.Ponniah

The Study of Electrophysical Characteristics of SOI MOSFETs in the Temperature Range from -60 to 250 °?
pp. 2706-2709
Alexander Benediktov, Nikolay Shelepin, Pavel Ignatov and Aleksey Klyuchnikov

Effective Replacement of FPGA for Microcontrollers in Home Automation
pp. 2710-2713
Goondla. Suresh and S. Aruna Mastani

Investigation of the effect of Metamaterial on the Dual band Antenna performance for resonating between GSM 900 & Wi-Fi
pp. 2714-2724
Prasanna Paga, H.C.Nagaraj and T.S.Rukmini

Analyzing the Effect of Ramp-Rate Limits on Optimal Power Flow Using Two Stage Ant Colony Optimziation
pp. 2725-2733
M. Ramprasad Reddy and M. Damodara Reddy

Auxiliary Power Change Over System for Sub-stations
pp. 2734-2735
G.Avinash and NVPR Durga Prasad

Bioceramics for Hard Tissue Engineering Applications: A Review
pp. 2744-2752
Pawan Kumar, Brijnandan S Dehiya and Anil Sindhu

Machine Learning for Big Data: A New Perspective
pp. 2753-2762
Suryabhan Pratap Singh and Umesh Chandra Jaiswal

Minutiae Based Feature Level Fusion for Multimodal Biometrics
pp. 2763-2768
Sasikala T.S and Sivasankar K

A Comparative Analysis on Classification of Sleep Stages Using Different Classifiers
pp. 2769-2779
U.S.B.K. Mahalaxmi and M.Ramesh Patnaik

A Novel Hybrid Iterative Backward Feature Selection Framework for Intrusion Detection System
pp. 2780-2785
R.Venkatarathinam, V.Cyril Raj and G.Victo Sudha George

A Cloud Based Risk Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease
pp. 2786-2790
N.Sahanaa Sree and N.Banupriya


Reliability and Optimum Analysis for Number of Standby Units in a System Working with One Operative Unit

pp. 2791-2797

Shilpi Batra and Gulshan Taneja

Chronic Privacy Protection from Source to Sink in Sensor Network Routing
pp. 2798-2808
S. Sathees Babu and K. Balasubadra

An Improving ABC Algorithm for Time Dependent Transportation Problem
pp. 2809-2813
Krittika Kantawong and Roungsan Chaisricharoen

Predictive Analysis of Sports Data using Google Prediction API
pp. 2814-2816
Ujwal UJ, Antony PJ and Sachin DN

HDMI: A Novel Modeling of Hybrid Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Medical Imaging
pp. 2817-2822
Lakshminarayana M and Mrinal Sarvagya

Iteration Based Low Complex Antenna Selection Algorithm for IEEE 802.16E Network
pp. 2823-2830
R. A. Yuvaraj and L. Nithyanandan

Development of a Rainfall- Runoff Model for Vamanapuram River Basin
pp. 2831-2837
Anie John. S and J. Brema

Inspired Feistel DNA Based Crypto System Using D-Box
pp. 2847-2856
P.Bharathi Devi and R.Kiran Kumar


A Review on Reversible Data Hiding Techniques

pp. 2857-2864

Sonal Ayyappan and C Lakshmi

Modified Privacy-Preserving Universal Authentication Protocol (MPriAuth) for Security of Mobile IP Networks
pp. 2865-2871
Abdurahem El Atman Igrair and Raghav Yadav

Cascading of Compression Algorithm to Reduce Redundancy in FPGAs Configuration Bitstream -A Novel Technique
pp. 2872-2878
Pravin N. Matte and D. D. Shah

Hydrogen Subatoms and Microbial Metabolism
pp. 2879-2881
V. K. Nevolin

Modeling of the Effect of Process Parameters on Tensile Strength of Friction Stir Welded Rare Earth ZE-41 Magnesium Alloy Joints
pp. 2882-2891
Bhupinder Singh, Kulwant Singh and V. Sahni

Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Performance for Different Driving Patterns of an Electric Vehicle in Indian Road Conditions
pp. 2892-2898
Dileepan V M and J Jayakumar

Evaluation of the possibilities of using Dynamic Spectrum Access in 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands of mobile network in Cameroon
pp. 2899-2904
Bavoua Kenfack Patrick Dany, Ngono Ephrem Roméo and Ele Pierre

A Novel Irrigation Control Technique using Aerial Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2905-2910
Yasser Albagory

Droplet Vaporization in Subcritical and Supercritical Environments; High vs Low Pressure Modeling
pp. 2911-2917
Gurnam Singh and Neel Kanth Grover


Flexural Behaviour of Latex Modified Fly Ash Based Reinforced Concrete Beams

pp. 2918-2925

P.Palson and B. Vidivelli


An FPGA Implementation of Low Dynamic Power & Area Optimized 32-Bit Reversible ALU

pp. 2926-2932

G. Vamsi Krishna, G. Srinivasa Rao and Y. Amar Babu


Effect of Alkali Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Prosopis Juliflora Hybrid Composites

pp. 2933-2935

D. Mohana Krishnudu, D. Sreeramulu, P. Venkateshwar Reddy and H. Raghavendra Rao


Study of Loading Regimes of Diesel Engines Operating on Natural Gas

pp. 2936-2939

Vitaly Anatolievich Likhanov and Oleg Petrovich Lopatin


Re-Encryption System over Cloud Storage
pp. 2940-2944
Katakam Srinivasa Rao and M. Janga Reddy

Feature Extraction and Analysis using Gabor Filter and Higher Order Statistics for the JPEG Steganography
pp. 2945-2954
SwagotaBera, Monisha Sharma and Bikesh Singh

Analyzing Carrier to Noise Interference Ratio on Performance Enhancement for Dynamic Channel Allocation Scheme
pp. 2955-2958
Suyash Kumar and P V Suresh

The Current Concepts in the Use of Antibiotics in Dental Practice
pp. 2959-2964
Shivanand S, Vidya G Doddawad, Vidya CS, Satish Radhakrishna, Divya Rao and Pradeep subbhaiah

Variation of Functional Types (Space Cell Configuration) on the Architecture of Minahasa Traditional House, based on the Contextual Differences of the Tonsea and Toulour Sub-Ethnics
pp. 2965-2975
Vicky Henrie Makarau, Antariksa S., Surjono., Agung M. Nugroho and Jefrey I. Kindangen

Selection of Condenser Tube Material through A mixed Balanced Score Card and AHP approach
pp. 2980-2984
S. Anandan1 and R.Rajesh

Regularized Fuzzy Neural Networks for Pattern Classification Problems
pp. 2985-2991
Paulo Vitor C. Souza

The Application of Neural Network Models on the Estimation of Critical Performances of the Water-Alternating-Gas Injection Process
pp. 2992-3007
Si Le Van and Bo Hyun Chon

Methodology for the Digital Transformation Based on Digital Skills
pp. 3008-3018
Juan Andrés Cevallos and Sang Guun Yoo

A Survey on Work Related Stress in Higher Education of Uttarakhand (India)
pp. 3019-3026
Shipra Agarwal, Anu Sayal and Abhilasha Mishra

OSDAP- Optimized and Secure Data Aggregation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 3027-3033
Anish Soni and Rajneesh Randhawa

Explicit Traveling Wave Solutions for Nonlinear Differential Difference Equations in Mathematical Physics
pp. 3034-3042
Khaled A Gepreel and Taher A. Nofal


Temporal Information Based Organizing of Multimedia Archives

pp. 3074-3082

Srikanth Lakumarapu and Rashmi Agarwal

Combined Economic Emission Dispatch for Microgrid Considering Solar and Wind Power Cost Functions Using Harmony Search Algorithm
pp. 3083-3092
Ehab. E. Elattar

Prediction of Performance of Coal-Based KWU Designed Thermal Power Plants using an Artificial Neural Network
pp. 3093-3110
R. B. Chokshi, Neeraj K. Chavda and A. D. Patel

Restoration Analysis of Various Type of MRI Brain Tumor Using Blind De-Convolution Pre-Processing Technique
pp. 3111-3117
Nikita Singh and Naveen Choudhary

Electricity Bill Management System
pp. 3118-3122
Zameema Benazir.Z, Divya Prabha, Noorul Hamitha.B and Rajeshbabu.S

Photovoltaic Modeling and Effecting of Temperature and Irradiation on I-V and P-V Characteristics
pp. 3123-3127
Ali N. Hamoodi, Safwan A. Hamoodi and Rasha A. Mohammed

AFAPRA: Adaptive Flash Aware Page Replacement Algorithm
pp. 3128–3138
Lezwon Castellino and Joy Paulose







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