International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 10  Number 2  (2019)





A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Organic Food Products
Xingshuo An

Acute and Subchronic Toxicity Studies of Swertiamarin A Lead Compound Isolated From Enicostemma Littorale .Blume In Wistar Rats
Xianwei Zhou

Using WhatsApp to Manage Talents in Creating Student Superstars
Xing Lü, Fuhong Lin and Lei Yang

Anti Cancer Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Plumbago Zeylanica against Dalton’s Ascitic Lymphoma in Mice
Linlin Guo and Lei Wang

Antimicrobial Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Dairy Products
Jialin Liu and Wei Zhou

Design and Development of Oil Seed Presser by using Energy Source as Human Powered Flywheel Motor
Wei Zhou

Estimation of Poverty among Rural Farming Households in Delta State, Niger
Bingxian Lu

Shelf Life of Cashew Kernels Stored under Different Antioxidants
Yiming Miao

Design and Development of Mango Fruit Harvester
Yuanwen Tian






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