International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)



Volume 10 Number 1  (2019)






Investigating Behaviour of Multi-Clutch Plate Frictional Materials using ANSYS
William J. Buchanan

Analysis of AC Transmission System using Interline Power Flow Controller for damping of low frequency oscillations with PI Controller
Yi Liang

Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering Based MRAC
Zhipeng Cai

Fix Speed Pump-Turbine with Incorporated Flow Control using Flapping Blade Mechanism
Zhipeng Cai, Qilong Han and Yingshu Li

Exergetic Evaluation of a Rankine Cycle with Regeneration: Effect of Turbine Inlet Temperature and Source Temperature
Qinlong Huang and Guomin Zhou

Improving Cogeneration in Sugar Factories by Superheated Steam Drying of Bagasse
Licheng Wang

Sensor That Detects Cardiac Press with Record in Database and email notification
Licheng Wang






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