International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)



Volume 10 Number 2  (2019)






Material Processing - 300 M Steel Surface Enhancement of Landing Gear by Shot Peening Method and Reducing Corrosion Fatigue
Ahmad M. Manasrah

Performance Characteristic Analysis of ABB IRB 1410 Robot using Nano paint
Hanan Ba Ali and Laisen Nie

Photo electrochemical water splitting for Hydrogen production as an alternative source for renewable energy
Xiaojie Wang and Shui Yu

A novel method of enhancing the productivity and efficiency of solar still An experimental study
Houbing Song

Determination of Thermal Properties and Fire Retardant Ability of Philippine Bamboo as Natural Thermal Insulation

Dingde Jiang and Yue Ma

Effect of Deep cryotreatment on Hardness and Tensile strength of Aluminium 6061-Sic composites
Li Zhou

Front Cover Weight Optimization and Redesign
Zhenghua Gu






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