International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)

Volume 3  Number 2  (2012)




Permeability Measurements on Amorphous and Annealed Samples of Fe73.5-xCrxCu1Nb3Si13.5B9 Alloys
pp. 63-70
Author: Md. Sultan Mahmud

Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Substituted Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles
pp. 71-76
Authors: Rakesh K. Singh, B.C. Rai and K. Prasad

Comparison of SiC and Redmud with B4C Reinforced on LM24 Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 77-86
Authors: Uvaraja V.C. and Natarajan N.

Role of the Supporting Substrates for Implementing Planar Chip Technology in Ion Channel Experiments
pp. 87-96
Authors: Runjun Sarma and Dambarudhar Mohanta

Studies on Recovery and Recrystallization Kinetics of 18-8 Stainless Steels using Differential Scanning Calorimetry
pp. 97-101
Author: Swami Naidu Gurugubelli

Mechanical Property of Natural Fiber [Palm Archontophoenix-Beatrice Fiber] Composite
pp. 103-115
Authors: Abhitab Dubey, Dr. N.D. Mittal and Geeta Agnihotri

Influence of Solvents Effect on the Preparation of Copper oxide Nanoparticles via Precipitation Method
pp. 117-125
Authors: J. Gajendiran and V. Rajendran

Influence of Heat Treatment on Slurry Erosive Wear Resistance of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 127-136
Authors: Mohammed Naveed and A.R. Anwar Khan

Checking the Viscosity of Castor Oil and Fly Ash Composites for Preparing Polymer Materials
pp. 137-145
Authors: Saeib A-Alhadi Faroun, Mohd. Islam, Aas Mohd,Vazid Ali and Uravshi Vashisht




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