International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)

Volume 3  Number 3  (2012)




Influence of Synthesizing Parameters on the Compressive Strength of Geo-Polymer Mortar
pp. 147-152
Authors: J. Venkateswara Rao and Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao

Factors Affecting the Flexural Properties of Laminated Glass Fiber Composites
pp. 153-162
Authors: Prashanth Banakar and H.K. Shivananda

Experimental Studies on Self Compacting Concrete Beams under Elevated Temperature
pp. 163-171
Authors: Anand N. and Prince Arulraj G.


Hybridization of Polymer Composites
pp. 173-182
Authors: Praveen Kumar A., Prince Jeyalal L. and Barani Kumar D.

Thermally Induced Buckling Response of Elastically Supported Laminated Composite Plate with Random System Properties: Micromechanical Model
pp. 183-192
Authors: Rajiv Kumar, Rajesh Kumar and Amit Sharma


Influence of Throat thickness in Butt Joints on Shrinkages in Submerged Arc Welding
pp. 193-201
Authors: G. Mahendramani and N. Lakshmana Swamy


Parametric Influence on Tribology of Sintered Bronze Bearings
pp. 203-210
Authors: Priya.Gajjal, Geeta. Lathkar, Harijan.Bagchi


Quadruple Integral Equations Involving Fox’s HFunction
pp. 211-220
Author: Prof. (Dr) Archana Lala


Synthesis of ZnO/ZrO2 Nanocomposites by Electrochemical Method and Photocatalytic Degradation of Fast Green Dye, Paper Dyeing and Printing Press Effluent
pp. 221-237
Authors: G. Chaitanya Lakshmi, S. Ananda, R. Somashekar and C. Ranganathaiah


Impact of different ternary and quaternary compound semiconductor materials on the dc characterization of a self aligned InGaAs based dual gate (DG) HEMT for nanometer gate dimension
pp. 239-248
Authors: Meryleen Mohapatra and A. K. Panda, Member, IEEE


Characterization of a novel PVA based polymer Electrolyte
pp. 249-256
Authors: K. Alakanandanaa, A. R. Subrahmanyamb, R. Sayannac and J. Siva Kumarc


Investigations on Tribological Properties of Short EGlass Fibre and Flyash reinforced Al7075 Hybrid Composites
pp. 257-266
Authors: Prabhakar Kammer, Dr. H.K.Shivanand, Santhosh Kumar.S and Sapthagiri.G


Influence of reinforcements and heat treatment on Mechanical and Tribological properties of hybrid composite formed by Al 7075 reinforced with fly ash and E-Glass short fibers.
pp. 267-274
Authors: M. Sreenivasa Reddy, Dr. Soma V. Chetty and Dr. Sudheer Premkumar


Compressive Deformation Behavior and Characterization of Hybrid Aluminum Metal Foam
pp. 275-292
Authors: Shyam Birla, Dr. D.P. Mondal, Lakhan Patidar and Prabhash Jain.







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