International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)



Volume 9 Number 1  (2018)






Determination of Curie Temperature of Cr-substituted Fe based Amorphous Fe73.5-xCrxCu1Nb3Si13.5B9 (x=10,12.5,15 & 17.5) Alloys Using the ABK (Arrot-Belov-Kouvel) plot Method

pp. 1-6

Md. Sultan Mahmud


Evolutionary Selection of the Models of Interacting Processes on the Basis of Expert Assessments
Lianyong Qi

casting and bankruptcy diagnostics in the context of globalization
Jiguo Yu and Zhili Zhou

The method of setting of heat consumption standard for buildings
Mingjie Dong, Wusheng Chou, Bin Fang and Xiaoding Wang

Electrothermal Complex with Downhole Electrical Heating Generators For Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery
Xiaoding Wang

The Development of Indicators and Form of Knowledge Managementin Production Management Case Study: Agricultural Machine Industry in the Northeast of Thailand
Li Xu







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