International Journal of Advanced Materials Sciences (IJAMS)



Volume 9 Number 2  (2018)






R a d io Engineering Characteristics of the Spatial Distributed Casual Antennas: Methods of Parameters Determination Taking Into Account Nonlinear Properties
Hong Zhong

Tribological Studies of Nanomodified Mineral based Multi-grade Engine Oil
Yiwen Zhang

Experimental Study of the Cooldown Process for Near-Wellbore Rocks at Sustained Extraction of Geothermal Energy
Qiang He

Analysis of Fuel Consumption of HCNG Bus for US and European Test Codes
Chenyu Wang

Efficient Care of Oversea patients in Clinical Practice with a Focus on the Conflict between Healthcare Providers and Interpreters
Guoai Xu and Zhu Xiangyang

Investigating the Inhibiting Action of Thiourea Derivative on Mild Steel Corrosion in Acid Medium

Dai Hua, Yi Xun, Yang Geng, Li Xiao and Kai Fan








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